One of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in the Scandinavian fashion sector, Boozt Fashion’s unique business model includes its own multi-brand online store,, as well as online, mono-brand stores operated in partnership with large fashion brands.


Boozt Fashion runs its e-commerce operations on dedicated physical servers hosted by Rackspace. To better handle volume spikes, the online retailer created a hybrid environment where cloud services from Rackspace are used to support additional traffic when needed to avoid performance degradation during peak usage.

Delivering the best online retail experience

With the goal of being the top online fashion retailer in Scandinavia, Boozt Fashion strives to offer the best customer service, selection, and price. To help achieve this goal, the internal team responsible for the company’s websites and mobile applications has taken a DevOps approach, rolling out new capabilities to improve the customer experience frequently, with two deployment windows daily.

However, high and increasing volumes of traffic—millions of page views per month—made it extremely difficult to properly test and predict how the websites and mobile applications would perform live. Aurelijus Valeiša, web development manager at Boozt, explains: “We needed better insight into the actual customer experience, especially during peak events such as Black Friday and seasonal sales promotions.” At the same time, Valeiša knew that the DevOps staff at Boozt should focus on building new features and optimizing performance instead of developing and maintaining in-house tools to collect the data needed.

Gaining greater visibility into the online retailer’s hybrid cloud environment was another goal. “Our infrastructure is running on dedicated, physical servers with public cloud at our disposal to handle spikes in volume,” said Valeiša. “Understanding performance of our websites during peak volume would allow us to be more efficient with our usage of public cloud resources.”

“Only New Relic gives us the level of visibility we need to continuously improve the speed of our site and the customer experience.”

Aurelijus Valeiša Web Development Manager, Boozt Fashion

Gaining insight into the customer experience across web and mobile

After an easy and quick deployment, Boozt now relies on the consolidated analytics available from the New Relic platform to monitor and track performance and customer experience of its online storefronts, mobile apps, and internal systems such as its warehouse, customer service management, and content management systems.

“With New Relic, we can see the immediate impact of new deployments on the performance and quality of the customer experience,” says Valeiša. “Before, we had to check everything manually, which made it difficult to catch specific edge cases where only 1% or less of users might experience an issue.”

Boozt uses the New Relic platform on a daily basis for everything from analyzing the customer experience using the reports in New Relic APM, to session traces for monitoring the performance of third-party services, to advanced feature testing using New Relic Synthetics. New Relic Mobile even helps Boozt evaluate the quality and performance of the mobile apps being developed by a third party for the company, without the Boozt team needing to have detailed technical knowledge of the mobile environment.

Using data to improve conversions and loyalty while managing costs

Valeiša says he loves the visibility Boozt gets by using New Relic and points to the historic trends data that shows how the customer experience has improved since the company began using New Relic. For instance, Boozt refactored the front end of the listing page on its e-commerce website based on insight from New Relic and saw a 30% improvement in performance. “New Relic gives us the data we need to make better decisions about how to achieve the best performance for our customers,” says Valeiša. “The speed of our website impacts both conversion rates as well as our Net Promoter Score, which improved after the refactoring.”

Even the internal systems at Boozt have benefited from New Relic monitoring. When Boozt started using New Relic to monitor its custom, in-house warehouse system, the bottlenecks became immediately apparent. Explains Tobias Sjölin, principal project manager at Boozt Fashion: “We began optimizing one area of the warehouse system at a time. For instance, we improved the processes involved in packing orders, reducing the time from 1.5 seconds to .5 seconds. In all, we saved the equivalent of the cost and effort of one full-time employee through optimization of the warehouse system based on insight from New Relic.”

With precise performance data from New Relic, Boozt was also able to postpone an investment in new servers. “With insight from New Relic, we determined that we could delay adding new servers by six months without having to worry about performance degradation,” says Valeiša. “That saves us not only the cost of the physical servers in the short term, but the extra complexity that comes with monitoring and managing additional servers.”

For the Boozt online retail team, the future can be summed up as: more, better, faster. That translates into more features and selection, and a better, faster customer experience. Boozt sees New Relic as critical to helping the company achieve its goal of being the biggest and best online fashion retailer in Scandinavia. Adds Valeiša, “Only New Relic gives us the level of visibility we need to continuously improve the speed of our site and the customer experience.”