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What is New Relic APM?

Complete visibility and instant analytics simplified.

Eye icon surrounded by line and circle graphics
Click to monitor more applications.

Install one agent and automatically instrument your code.

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Instrument tracing minus the hassle.

Understand dependencies systemwide with distributed tracing out of the box. 

Various types of graphs in icon format
View telemetry data from any source.

Vendor-neutral platform supports OpenTelemetry and more open source tools.

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Improve customer experience fast.

Prebuilt dashboards and alerts cut risk and increase uptime, reliability, and security.

Improve your entire stack

Troubleshoot, debug, and optimize on one platform.

  • View everything from backend APIs to frontend user devices and dependencies with automap and logs in context.
  • Rally around golden metrics and Apdex scores to identify bottlenecks and optimize performance.
  • Quickly detect anomalies, discover deficiencies, and identify ways to improve your applications without switching tools.
View everything from backend APIs to frontend user devices and dependencies with automap and logs in context.
Web transaction dashboard showing graphs
Cut through the complexity

Observe 100% of traces. Jump through zero hoops.

Faster root-cause analysis

Code-level visibility for faster troubleshooting.

  • Determine root cause faster by surfacing correlated traces in APM errors, transactions, and logs, all in context with no additional configuration.
  • Create alerts, analyze errors, and speed up requests by uncovering trouble areas.
  • Quickly debug production errors right in your IDE with the CodeStream integration.
Code level visibility dashboard displaying data in graph form
Layered dayboards displaying sample graphs and data charts
Scale with confidence

Proactive workflows improve system health.

Ready to start quickly?

Instant integrations for hundreds of cloud services, tools, and open standards—think OpenTelemetry—all with preconfigured dashboards and alerts.

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30+ capabilities. One platform.
One price.

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