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Come for the work. Stay for the awesome.

In our offices worldwide, we celebrate our diverse perspectives and unique identities, respect each other, and make a real impact every day. All while having tons of fun and blazing new trails in the world of software.

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This is what we stand for

We have five core values at New Relic. From top to bottom, these values represent who we are and how we work.


We take risks to deliver ground-breaking innovation. We are courageous.


We are genuine, honest, and inclusive. We can be ourselves at work.


We take pride in what we do and hold ourselves to high standards. We deliver on our commitments.


We are inspired by, and seek to inspire, our customers. We strive to make a difference.


We build trusted, personal connections with each other. We are a team.

Diversity and Inclusion at New Relic

Our differences are a source of our strength.

At New Relic, our many identities, perspectives, backgrounds, and beliefs are all celebrated. Freely expressed differences are valued, and all employees have the support they need to take risks, learn, and develop their careers. Every day, we demand and uphold respect for others while working together to unlock a new era of innovation.

We are all data nerds

We're mavericks, risk-takers, problem solvers, punks, parents, athletes, activists, pancakes, geeks, and artists. Wait, pancakes? Mmm... pancakes. Here's just a few members of our ever-growing New Relic family.

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Edith A.
Sr. Software Engineer
“What I like most about New Relic is its vibrant engineering community. Incredibly talented engineers are eager to share their knowledge and solve complex problems together.”
Jeff M.
Sr. Director, Business Applications
“Every Monday's exciting when you work at a company with amazing products, a clear vision, and great culture!”
Janet Y.
Software Engineer
“It's really great to work at a place that takes work-life balance seriously. Also, my team is freakin' awesome!”
Trevor S.
Sr. Software Engineer
“New Relic is a great place to grow your career.”
Andrew A.
Online Marketing Manager
“I love how employees can be themselves at work which translates to authentic work relationships and overall happier employees.”
Nina P.
Executive Assistant
“It's such a breath of fresh air to be able to be yourself at work. If you can't be yourself, then who can you be?”
Amie G.
Web Strategist
“I get to nerd out with web metrics and make hand puppets, who could ask for more?”
Angel C.
Online Marketing Specialist
“I really enjoy storytelling and the chance to tell New Relic's story through our online channels.”
Dominick Y.
Emerging Small Business Account Executive
“New Relic is the best company I’ve ever worked for. My coworkers, the work/life balance, and the product itself all make coming to work a pleasure – not a chore.”
Taylor W.
Sales Engineer
“My favorite thing about New Relic is the awesome team that I work with! There's so much great energy here.”
Tom F.
Corporate Sales Account Executive
“I believe good design never gets old.”
Sumita C.
Associate Manager, Sales Engineering
“I love my team! It's great to work with a world class team, solving complex business problems, and always having fun along the way.”
Jeff L.
Sr. Strategic Finance Analyst
“There's so much to learn and even more to build. I love how I can come in everyday and make a meaningful difference for someone.”
Dave S.
Sr. Contracts Manager
“I might be the only person alive who's drummed with both Joan Baez and Dead Kennedys.”
Elise K.
Sr. PeopleOps Analyst
“I am so lucky I get to wake up each morning and come to such a pleasant place where I can be myself, most of the time it doesn't even feel like work!”
NeChele R.
Associate Legal Counsel
“I love working with a team of diverse individuals who are intelligent, driven and a pleasure to be around. The camaraderie truly makes this place special.”

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“The energy at New Relic is amazing. Everyone is excited to be here, excited about what we're creating, and it really shows.”

Ankush Rustagi, Product Manager

“I get to work with incredibly bright people, on problems that are challenging and interesting to solve. I've grown so much in my time here.”

Ali Gerrard, Associate Customer Marketing Manager

“I love what we do. The speed of innovation that we demonstrate is inspiring. I truly respect my co-workers, learning from them, and growing with them.”

Rich Nuñez, Director, Business Development

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