Eliminate interruptions in digital experiences.

Get the suite of integrated DEM tools whose speed, low latency, and seamless integration let you tackle issues before they become problems for customers.


Fix everything customers don’t like.

  • Replay user interactions to precisely understand what triggers errors and challenges.
  • Use those insights to fix bugs faster and address pain points. 
  • Aggregate your learnings to improve overall digital performance and customer satisfaction.

Build your reputation for mobile excellence.

  • Instantly visualize crash patterns by analyzing user journeys in real time. 
  • Improve analysis with full context—including app version, device, OS, and carrier.
  • Understand the user action that caused the error and prevent future crashes.

Test your way to what customers want.

  • Use synthetics to determine user experiences under specific conditions for flawless interactions.
  • Trace the connections between endpoint performance and application and business health.
  • Add synthetic monitoring to CI/CD pipelines for performance optimization and problem resolution.

See how Forbes uses New Relic to drive operational efficiency.

Learn how to optimize user interactions.

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