See everything across your business—and keep customers buying.

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APIs to gateways to integrations, follow customers every shopping step. 

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Bring observability in-store for POS, Kiosks, handheld, and more.

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For delivery.

Merge shipping and distribution data from delivery to in-store pickup.

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Internal operations.

Integrate with all your third party apps to reduce tool sprawl.

Connect your tools. Get more bang for your buck.

  • Put all your telemetry in one place for a single source of truth across systems and stakeholders. 
  • Eliminate blind spots by seamlessly integrating with your third party tools and services.
  • Monitor all your processes across your business for real-time troubleshooting.
Service levels by operational group divided by Online, OnSite and OnRout use cases.
Dashboard of consolidated workflow with different buyer stages using Pathpoint by New Relic.

Deliver great service wherever your customers are.

  • Monitor the customer journey with a tracker to model system health at every stage.  
  • Instantly spot performance issues, with alerts and simulated shopper interactions. 
  • See omnichannel data in one place from online, in-store, and fulfillment.

Find and fix issues before customers check out.

  • Proactively detect problems to give customers an uninterrupted shopping experience every time. 
  • Spot anomalies in real time with detailed visualizations across all your data and services. 
  • Troubleshoot faster by seeing causes and effects surfaced automatically in your dashboard.
Dashboard of e-commerce related anomaly detection grouped by Throughput, Response time and errors.
Service Level workload dashboard showing different levels of latencies.

Easily scale for Black Friday and beyond.

  • Meet seasonal spikes seamlessly with your web and mobile apps ready for the highest holiday traffic. 
  • Stay at peak performance by automatically pinpointing sources of latency and slow-loading assets.
  • Spend smarter by boosting stability and reducing risk with real-time visibility across your system.

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New Relic has helped M&S reduce MTTR by one-third, a massive win. This improvement demonstrates the real value of observability.

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