Observability into all your cloud-managed functions.

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Scale up and down, instantly.

Know what’s happening, everywhere, for stable services no matter how fast they change.

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Process requests fast with rich data.

Automatically analyze complex attributes in milliseconds, not minutes.

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Easily trace requests across your stack.

Know exactly what happens in the code when it responds to a request.

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Instrument components at code level.

Quickly measure and optimize workloads for peak efficiency.

Simplify your serverless computing.

  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and alert on all your serverless functions and take action in real time.  
  • See correlated performance of serverless functions across your stack in a single view.
  • Quickly and easily highlight issues with a high-cardinality view of all requests and services.
New Relic dashboard displaying data through various graphs
New Relic dashboard displaying error details through various graphs

Find and fix problems before they impact users.

  • Know and correlate every request’s journey through the code and dependent services. 
  • Get automatic, immediate alerts and insights into serverless functions.
  • Find the root cause fast with code-level request and error details in the context of the end user.

Work faster in any cloud.

  • Automatically track all functions, whether your serverless applications run on AWS, Azure, or GCP.
  • Streamline your serverless process with no-code instrumentation.
  • Simplify monitoring of your Lambda functions with our easy Lambda layer onboarding tool.
New Relic dashboard displaying data with AWS, Azure, and GCP logos layered in frame

Ready to start monitoring quickly?

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