Get all-in-one SAP observability in a click.

Unify icon
Unify all your SAP telemetry.

Access your entire SAP system in one shot and easily drill down to the data you need.

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Get end-to-end visibility.

Make everyone a know-it-all with the ability for users and management to see into SAP data.

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Set up in a snap.

Easily configure our SAP-certified connector with your existing data sources—no agents needed.

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Simplify business operations.

View all business operational systems without manually logging into each system separately.


Find problems faster with observability for all.

  • Instantly monitor the performance and overall health of your SAP ecosystem or individual components. 
  • Easily analyze SAP telemetry data and other systems from one platform. 
  • See data in context to quickly focus on the system or application components that need attention.
New Relic Explorer screen shows different types of alert groups with red color for issues, yellow for escalating, and green for no issues.
SAP distributed tracing dashboard with icons representing each system, connected to the next system and showing all end to end traces.

Power up quickly and easily with built-in tools.

  • Use out-of-the-box charts and dashboards, or customize your own to easily spot issues across systems. 
  • Find the root cause quicker with built-in anomaly detection and easy-to-use UIs.
  • Identify uneven distributions at a glance from a single view to take corrective action fast.

Keep business processes flowing smoothly.

  • Get instant views of process performance for order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, accounting, HR, and more.  
  • Use prebuilt dashboards to easily identify and unblock process bottlenecks to meet KPIs.
  • Correlate processes with application and system layers to resolve issues without missing a beat.
Dashboard of sequential arrows for steps of a SAP business process, with boxes under each step representing every system supporting each one.

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