Ditch data silos for a system-wide, correlated view

Analyze all of your network, app, infrastructure, and digital experiences on a single platform. Connect your network flow and SNMP data to harness the power of the New Relic One platform, and quickly correlate and fix issues faster—throughout your entire stack.

New Relic product screen capture
Image of New Relic dashboard monitoring networks

Know if it’s the network—before waking up NetOps

Analyze your network performance data to understand the root cause of issues fast. If it’s a network issue, you’ll know the context before you make that wake-up call. If it’s not the network, you can quickly put the right resources on the job at the right layer of the stack.

Find network anomalies automatically with AI

Automatically discover anomalies based on your network’s golden signals—before they become problems. When your system’s performance begins to degrade, you’ll be alerted instantly, so you can take immediate, proactive action, whether it’s network-related or not.

Image of New Relic dashboard with a cluster bubble chart displayed

Get full access to New Relic One for free

Monitor your stack for free with full platform access and 100GB of ingest per month. No credit card required.