Catch sudden changes

Know exactly where to focus your attention with New Relic Lookout. The brighter the color, the more severe the change, and the bigger the size, the bigger the scale. Then dig deeper with correlations and abnormal history to see how it impacts your whole system—no configuration needed.

New Relic Data Explorer
New Relic Data Explorer

See system health at a glance

Get your system status in an instant with New Relic Navigator. All your hosts, services, containers, and more are in one view with traffic light colors based on alerting status. Then filter, group, and sort them to understand your system’s health and performance.

Get answers faster

Find emerging issues across your entire estate in real time. New Relic Explorer shows relationships and dependencies across your system, so you can track down issues, pinpoint root causes, and get answers faster.

New Relic Data Explorer

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  • Transparent user-based pricing
  • 100 GB/Month free data
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Learn more

Dig a little deeper to find out how to make the most of New Relic Explorer in Full-Stack Observability.


New Relic Explorer Demo

Get a deep dive into New Relic Explorer! See how to get a complete view in one glance—and how to filter and sort to track down issues faster.


New Relic Lookout Demo

See New Relic Lookout in action! Learn how to spot a sudden change, then dig into why it happened, what it affects, and how to fix it.

Get full access to New Relic for free

Monitor your stack for free with full platform access and 100GB of ingest per month. No credit card required.