Simple to Set Up, Easy To Use

Easily ingest any text-based data using the forwarder that works best in your environment, including the New Relic infrastructure agent, New Relic API, AWS and Azure integrations, and open source tools like Fluentd, Fluent Bit, and Logstash. Or go agentless by forwarding syslog data to our TCP endpoint.

Analyze at Scale

Get lightning-fast search response times in seconds for any volume of log data. New Relic supports both on-prem and cloud data, and with data partitioning, you can easily segment data any way you want. It’s easy to search, filter and pivot to focus on areas of interest, save searches, as well as create dashboards and alerts based on log data.

Detect Patterns and Outliers in Your Log Data

Reduce troubleshooting time by using machine learning to detect patterns and surface outliers in log data. Quickly explore millions of log messages with a single click to reduce manual querying and find problematic needles in the haystack. With logs automatically clustered into patterns, it’s easy to create queries, alerts, and dashboards for deeper analysis.

All Log Data in Context, At Your Fingertips

Logs in Context automatically correlates events in your applications, infrastructure, and serverless, along with mobile errors, traces and spans to your logs—so you find exactly what you need with a lot less toil. All logs are only a click away, so there’s no need to dig through logs in a separate tool to manually correlate them with errors and and traces.

Affordable Log Management

Logs represent the brain of every device, so you shouldn’t ever have to worry about sampling. Get full visibility in one place with 100 GB/month of data ingest for free forever, and only $0.30 per GB ingested beyond that.