Tokopedia enables ecommerce at massive scale.

Tokopedia is on a mission to democratize data and make commerce accessible to all Indonesians. The Tokopedia team uses New Relic to create a unified, single pane of glass view of its data, which has painted a clear picture of user journeys, dropped resolution time, and increased cross-team collaboration.

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"We started using New Relic in 2020. One of the goals was to consolidate all of the tooling that we had as much as possible. With New Relic, we get our frontend monitoring, backends, alerting, logs, metrics, all of that into one pane of glass," says Tahir Hashmi, SVP of Engineering at Tokopedia.

"New Relic allows customizing the dashboards really deeply, so it's not just the built-in configurations or the UI, but also we can program the dashboards ourselves, and that's been really helpful in giving us a clear picture of how all of the user journeys are behaving on our platform," says Tahir.

"It also helps our developers be proactive in the sense that getting all this feedback from production and understanding how the production environment is behaving, they're able to actually set targets for themselves on how to make things better going forward, how to make it cheaper, how to make it faster, how to make it more reliable, " says Tahir.