Get instant insights with New Relic AI.

What can you ask New Relic AI?

Instrument icon
Instrument and onboard.
  • What does Apdex mean?
  • Identify alert coverage gaps.
  • Help me integrate with AWS. 
  • What are the most important metrics for infra monitoring?
fix issues icon
Find and fix issues.
  • Explain this stack trace.
  • Did this app stop sending data?
  • Analyze this error log.
  • How do I fix this error?
Get insights icon
Get insights fast.
  • Summarize recent performance issues.
  • Explain this dashboard.
  • How many active users did we have last week? 
  • How did the last deployment go?
collaborate icon
Translate and collaborate.
  • Explain this NRQL query.
  • Rewrite this query to include more error types.
  • Create an exec summary based on query results. 
  • Explain this dashboard in Spanish.

Level up your DevOps game in minutes.

Improve uptime and reliability with AI-powered insights from across your stack. New Relic AI can help you instrument your system, generate system health reports, and identify alert coverage gaps for full-stack observability.

Instrument, report, and admin like a pro.

Get to know your system with everyday language.

Using large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s GPT-4, New Relic AI can translate natural language into queries, and explain what query results mean for your system and business. Now everyone, even execs, can be on the same page—in more than 50 languages.

Get AI assistance investigating system changes.

New to your system? Confused about a recent change? Need help starting your triage process? New Relic AI will analyze your telemetry data and software stack to direct you to what needs your attention.


Enjoy smoother deployments with AI-powered troubleshooting.

Improve mean time to resolution (MTTR) with the press of a button. New Relic AI can help pinpoint, explain, and apply fixes to code-level errors right in your IDE.

Learn more about New Relic AI.

New Relic AI is deeply embedded into the New Relic all-in-one observability platform, which unifies your data, context, tools, and teams into one integrated experience. 

The output quality of any generative AI solution improves with access to more context. Combining the power of leading large language models (LLMs) with the breadth of our unified telemetry data platform helps produce higher-quality AI responses, and with 30+ capabilities sharing a single database, New Relic AI can help approach a problem from multiple angles.

New Relic AI is designed to make observability accessible to all. Because New Relic AI relies on plain language inputs (in more than 50 languages), a user doesn’t need to know how to proficiently write a query to get insights from their data.

Here are some things New Relic AI can do for you:

  • Developers and QA: Analyze error logs, explain stack traces, and troubleshoot errors down to the line of code in your IDE.
  • DevOps engineers: Get a report on the impacts of recent changes to monitor directional shifts in the health of your system. 
  • Product: Identify opportunities for improving end-user experience.
  • Support: Quickly gather insights about recent anomalies and issues.
  • Executives: Keep a finger on the pulse of every launch. 

Note: FedRAMP- and HIPAA-enabled customers are not eligible to use New Relic AI at this time.

GenAI technology is growing and developing at an incredible pace, and New Relic is committed to maintaining a proactive approach to protecting the integrity of our customers’ data. From how we evaluate AI-related vendors to how we select the necessary context and access rights of each backend service of New Relic AI, our team remains focused on building a generative AI observability assistant that's as helpful and powerful as possible, while protecting customer data. We remain diligent in seeking talent, technology, and external partnerships that keep data security as the first consideration with New Relic AI development.

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