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Deploying more equitable access to technology for all.

New Relic joins forces with nonprofits and community organizations to support our mission of using technology to help build a better future and further the greater good.


Helping nonprofits build impactful technology.


Inspiring and empowering the next generation of technologists.


Activating our employees to give back.

Measuring our impact in FY23.

Over the past fiscal year, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved through our Global Initiatives. And with FY24 in full swing, we’re striving for even more.


Product donations.

Our Observability for Good program provides free and discounted access to the New Relic all-in-one observability platform for 500+ nonprofits and NGOs around the world.


Employee volunteer hours.

Employees receive 16 hours per year of paid time off for volunteering, in addition to participating in pro bono projects supporting our nonprofit customers.


Charitable donations.

Our contributions include matching employee contributions to qualifying nonprofits, partnership investments, and funding nonprofit orgs in our local communities.

Observability for Good—giving free access for nonprofits.

The Observability for Good program offers nonprofits, NGOs, and charities around the world expanded free access to the New Relic platform, along with support and expert guidance from our employees. 

New Relic Impact Fund

Investing in Nonprofit Technological Growth with our Impact Fund

We’re looking to support nonprofits with strategic or innovative technology needs, digital transformation projects, and creative solutions to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

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Diginomica logo

EdTech Nonprofits Explore Scaling and Innovating in a Pandemic

This panel discussion explores how COVID-19 impacted diginomica’s tech strategies to meet the spike in demand for EdTech products, and how New Relic helps them manage their systems at scale.

Quill logo

Quill Relies on the Open Source Community and New Relic to Help Students Improve Their Writing

Learn how Quill’s team works with New Relic, extends the open-source community, and how observability helps the team fulfill its mission of helping all students become strong writers and critical thinkers.

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Inspiring and empowering the next generation of technologists.

We believe that every person deserves the opportunity to have a technology career, so we’re dedicated to helping equip educators and students with the tools, skills, and knowledge to find a clear path to success. This includes free access to content, resources, and our observability platform through New Relic for Students, and financial sponsorship of our incredible community partners who are working with students around the world.

Giving employees the opportunity to give back with intention.

We encourage Relics to use their skills, time, and voices to make an impact, so we provide values-driven programs to give them the tools and resources to help make it easy for everyone to participate.

Joining forces with partners.

We believe that collaboration helps us all make a bigger impact, so we invest and participate in coalitions to more effectively further our goals.

Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% encourages companies of all sizes to integrate philanthropy and social impact work into their DNA. We’ve pledged, and also help create scalable models for businesses to use for their own 1% pledges.


We partner with the ImpactCloud coalition of tech companies to support digital transformation for nonprofits and ensure our technology donation programs are meeting the needs of the social sector.

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The Observability for Good program—getting started.

Nonprofits and charities—empower your engineers with the New Relic observability platform. Sign up for expanded free access and pro bono support from Relic volunteers.