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Supporting our Communities

We give back to our community and work to build a better future by:

  • Contributing our time and money to the causes we care about.
  • Providing platform discounts & support to qualified tech-for-good organizations to aid innovation & digital transformation.
  • Partnering with organizations to build a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable tech sector.
  • Passionately advocating for STEAM education.

Employee Volunteerism & Giving

Our employees are given paid time off to leverage their skills and passions for community organizations. We provide charitable funds to support and reward their volunteerism, and host matching campaigns throughout the year.

Observability For Good

Building a more perfect world requires more perfect software. Many global nonprofits, charities & NGOs qualify for significant New Relic One discounts, additional support, and pro bono expert services from our employees.

Community Impact Partnerships

We host community events, convene thought leaders, and partner with local organizations to further our social impact mission. We extend these partnerships to our communities around the globe.


Investing in STEAM education

New Relic is committed to removing the barriers that keep students from pursuing careers in tech. As part of our Tech Trips program, we invite students into our offices around the world to see firsthand what a career in tech can look like. Through career conversations with Relics, hands on activities and more, we do our best to ensure students connect with relatable role models working in tech and get inspired to consider it as a career for themselves. 

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Delivering technology access for nonprofits

"New Relic is a must-have wherever server performance matters, which is why we've used it for years. And it's backed by a company that cares deeply about service and citizenship. Our partnership with has unlocked great career advice from hundreds of New Relic employees, helping thousands of youth to prepare for rewarding careers."
– Jared Chung, Founder,

Want New Relic for your organization? Review your eligibility, then apply for free and discounted access through the Observability for Good program. 


Supporting a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable tech sector

We make our community space available to partner organizations like Women Who CodeHack the Hood and PDX Women in Tech to support their work and provide a venue for critical conversations to take place. We also host a monthly talk series, FutureTalks, that gathers the community to focus on important topics.

Learn more about FutureTalks

Interested in partnering on an event? Connect with us!

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Proud members of Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% is a global movement to encourage companies of all sizes to integrate philanthropy and social impact work into their DNA. We’ve joined the Builders program at Pledge 1% to help create scalable models for the business community to use as they take their own pledges.

Want to know more about Pledge 1%? Get in touch with our team now.