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Ajaib began with relatively simple architecture but as their user base expanded, they needed to scale their operations. Today, Ajaib operates more than 100 clusters of services, orchestrated by Kubernetes and uses New Relic to systematically improve their product, step by step with data driven insights.

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“We are operating in a world where milliseconds matter and the stakes are high. A delay, a glitch, a momentary lapse in our system could mean a missed opportunity or significant loss. That’s where New Relic comes in,” says Rudi Adianto, Head of Engineering at Ajaib.

“Picture us in our daily watchtower meeting in the golden hour of market opening. New Relic dashboards lighting up the sales screen constantly. Now, if suddenly error rates spikes we quickly follow the traces and deploy a tactical fix within minutes based on this information. New Relic’s APM, suites and distributed traces keeps our mean time to recovery low.

“New Relic is not just about providing suggestions and insights out of the box, but for us it’s also about empowering to explore our telemetry data, connect the dots, postulate a hypothesis and validate them. Imagine being able to systematically improve our product, step by step with data driven insights. That’s what New Relic helps us to do on a day to day basis.” says Rudi.