Halodoc gives doctors’ care digital reach.

Business Challenge

Halodoc deals with a large amount of data; terabytes on a daily basis. By leveraging the New Relic platform, the Halodoc team has been able to reduce downtime, keep errors to a minimum, and free up engineers’ time so they can spend more time developing features for their users, and less time fixing issues.


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“We like to solve our user pain points. It’s just not about technology, it’s about saving lives, and I think we’ve been able to do that by constantly shipping features that help to solve user problems,” says Lenish Namath, VP of Technology at Halodoc.

“We’ve been able to reduce our downtime and keep our errors to a minimum, and thanks to New Relic our developers are able to spend more time on actually developing features for our users and less time fixing issues because we’ve been able to optimise. Over the last year, even though our transactions have grown 22%, we’ve been able to reduce our overall costs by 20% while at the same time improving performance of our services by 40%.

“New Relic has helped us to achieve our mission of simplifying access to health care.”