The Access Group gets an overview of their entire stack in one place. They can trace user experience, from browser through the API layer to the database, and identify bottlenecks to take remediation action or feed their backlog with technical improvements.


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"New Relic's definitely helped us shift left. We are looking at performance in our development phases. We're capturing errors earlier in that development life cycle and it's allowing us to go into our testing phase with a lot more quality. It's allowed us to get to production a lot quicker and with a lot more confidence," says Luke Bradshaw, engineering manager at The Access Group.

"The meantime to response in the meantime to detection is just so much better. You're talking minutes rather than hours and then sometimes days to get a solution," says Richard Bowen, data architect at The Access Group.

"New Relic's helped me grow my career. Primarily it’s making me a better engineer, getting real-time feedback on the code that I'm writing in the development environment. So it's really helped me refine my coding. And also as an engineering manager, it's helped me provide better solutions to production and to our customers," says Luke.