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Instant Anomaly Detection

Spot unusual changes across all applications and services with automatic alerts based on golden signals like throughput, errors, and latency—with no configuration needed. Even get notifications in Slack and other collaboration tools, along with in-depth analytics to troubleshoot faster, and prevent potential issues before they affect customers. 

Correlated Alerts and Events

Automatically group alerts and events from any source, and reduce distracting and redundant alerts by up to 80%. Events are instantly correlated based on time, alert context, and relationship data across systems—and you get one issue alert with all the information you need to prioritize and take action. 

Automatic Root Cause Analysis

Stop guessing, and solve problems faster with automatic insights into the root cause of every problem. You’ll immediately see why each issue happened, which systems are impacted, and what action you need to take to resolve it. Then get ML-based guidance on who is best equipped to resolve the problem. 

Integration with Incident Management

Stop the extra toil of managing incidents across tools by syncing New Relic with your incident management tools. Our two-way integrations with tools like ServiceNow and PagerDuty make it easy to instantly trigger remediation workflows.  

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