Informa builds a culture of continuous improvement

Business Challenge

Informa runs on New Relic to improve their engineering processes and move beyond performance-based conversations to conversations around how their technology is impacting their business. With observability, Informa is building a culture of continuous improvement.

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"We're building a new cloud platform, and some of the key principles that we've defined there are everything as code infrastructure as code, instrumentation as code. So it's a dry code type approach where we ask teams to inject their configuration and that code can be reused again and again and again on different products," says Matthew Reid, director of cloud and Infrastructure at Informa.

"We want to reduce the cognitive load on our engineers. We want our engineers to be agile. In terms of an engineer being able to move from one product to another, that commonality gives you that agility. There's some really good business outcomes there," says Matthew.

"New Relic is making it easy to have those conversations and challenging teams to start thinking about it from that perspective and actually starting to shift to a much more proactive footing," says Matthew.