Fire drills happen.
How to respond fast to reduce impact.

Reduce Noise
Reduce noise with quality alerts.

Get clear, focused, incident response to instantly reduce alert volumes and sync them with actual business impact.

Power SREs
Power SREs with more targeted alerts.

Correlate related alerts and events from any source to increase context for on-call responders.

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Have fewer business-interrupting incidents.

Continuously build out in alert coverage and minimize gaps that lead to outages.

Trust—Reduce Noise

Why nixing nuisance alerts matters.

3:00 AM notifications anyone? Alerts that aren’t actionable aren’t worth losing sleep over. Get meaningful alerts by filtering issues that directly affect users, and your business. Move from high-volume alerts to high-quality notifications by filtering issues based on the type of issue, the violation, affected services, and other variables. Now your team will get alerts that they can trust, and that drive action to respond to incidents, instead of reacting to all that noise.

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Know—Improve Alert Engagement

How to flap less, act faster.

Flapping alerts fire and close within five minutes—and they’re the primary cause of alert fatigue. Reduce flapping by viewing quality alerts that correlate issues with related deployments, errors, and other incidents to know the incident scope fast. Know the context of your incident, and instantly share it with your entire team using ITSM software like ServiceNow, Slack, PagerDuty, SMS, and more. And give SRE teams weekly alert quality reviews to accelerate development.

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Understand—Pinpoint Business Impact

Business-critical issue? There’s an alert for that.

If customers aren’t affected by an issue, do you really need an alert? Now you can focus alerts on metrics that tell you when something is business-critical. New Relic anomaly detection automatically spots unusual changes across all your applications, services and log data. So you toil less, and reduce risk by minimizing downtime and impact to keep customers online, and business on track.

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See how customers focus alerts—find issues faster.

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has us open.

Alert Quality FAQs

There are a few:

  1. If you hear about business-impacting issues from your customers instead of from your observability platform.  
  2. Urgent alerts are missed due to noise.  
  3. Issues recur and are never fixed.

A: Having too many open alerts and notifications. This conditions teams to distrust and, therefore, ignore alerts, so important issues get lost in the noise.

Alerts that fire and stay open for a long time (a day, week, etc.).  Also, flapping alerts that fire and resolve within 5 minutes.

A quality alert motivates action and engagement.

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