Improve native app performance to keep customers happy

Go beyond basic crash reporting. Mobile Monitoring gives you full-stack visibility to scope and remedy crashes, improve speed, and understand the impact of frontend and backend performance on your end-users. Deliver better builds to keep customers happy.

  • Receive real time alerts to quickly prioritize and resolve problems
  • Create dashboards to visualize the customer impact of crashes, errors, and latency
  • Understand how backend systems impact your mobile app experience

Gain context to fix issues faster

Users delete native apps that crash frequently. Mobile Monitoring helps you understand what to fix and where to prioritize efforts across user segments. Keep your users happy with mobile apps that crash less frequently.

  • Deep context on crashes, network failures, and handled exceptions so you can resolve issues faster
  • Event trails and mobile breadcrumbs help you reproduce and resolve problems
  • Drill into crashes, errors, and latency issues across important user segments and groups

Make performance a first-class feature

Improve speed and performance to keep users engaged on your native apps. View user interactions and HTTP performance to improve versions and prioritize code-level improvements. Visibility into users, code, and performance helps you deliver faster and more performant native apps.

  • Improve app speed with visibility into HTTP performance and average response time
  • View user interactions and alert on key performance trends by app release and version
  • HTTP errors connect app performance to supporting APIs

Mobile Monitoring is available out-of-the-box with Full-Stack Observability in New Relic 

Full-Stack Observability is your single source of truth to troubleshoot, debug, and optimize performance across your entire stack. Find and fix problems faster in one unified experience that provides connected context and surfaces meaningful analytics—from logs, infrastructure and applications, distributed tracing, serverless functions, all the way into end-user experience—without having to onboard new tools or switch between them.

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