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Don't let your content lag

You think you’re ready. You've doubled your cloud infrastructure. Redesigned your pages. Created new mobile apps and OTT channels. And then the big story goes live. With all eyes on your site, what will your audience see — great content and clear ads or errors and buffering?

See your digital media performance more clearly

From your frontend code to the backend to third-party services, ad providers, and beyond, the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform gives you end-to-end media monitoring for every aspect of your digital media environment. So you can quickly identify, isolate, and fix problems wherever they may be. Because you can’t improve customer experiences and drive ad revenues if you aren’t measuring the right things.

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New Relic Media Monitoring

Modernize and consolidate your architecture

As developers work in multiple programming languages, engineering and DevOps teams are responsible for maintaining performance across a complex and ever-changing infrastructure and application environment—and then optimizing resource usage.

With New Relic...

You get a global view of the entire system in one centralized map, including detailed metrics for polyglot applications written in different languages (such as Go, Node.js, PHP, Java, .Net, Python, and Ruby), as well as cloud infrastructure, external services, and ad providers

New Relic Media Monitoring

Protect your ad revenue by optimizing customer experience

Page load times are inversely proportional to ad viewability—and revenue. So there’s good reason to adopt new technologies like single page apps (SPAs) in order to improve code processing and responsiveness. But you still need to know how everything works together in your frontend.

With New Relic...

You can get low-level, framework-agnostic instrumentation fo SPA-inspired web applications, enabling deep visibility into page loads and route changes, so you can rigorously optimize your page load times and frontend experience.

New Relic Media Monitoring

Be prepared for peak events

Whether it’s election day or a story that goes viral, digital media companies need to be ready for large traffic spikes—both expected and unexpected.

With New Relic...

You get a flexible SaaS platform that's easy to scale up during big launches and peaks—without the cost and worry associated with traditional monitoring tools.

New Relic Media Monitoring

Deliver clear audio and video experience

From the backend infrastructure to the content-delivery system to the user experience, you need visibility for the whole chain in order to serve first-class content and streaming experiences.

With New Relic...

You get end-to-end analytics—from your CMS to the CDN, the page load to the player, the mobile app to the full stack—so you can connect your authors to your audience with bufferless video and audio performance.

New Relic and NewsUK New Relic and France Televisions

“(New Relic) has driven our customer focus and the performance of our applications and websites to create a better online experience.”

Harvey Shaw, Digital Service Manager, Technology, News UK

“New Relic is one of the most important tools we have because we can quickly identify bugs and resolve them.”

Guillaume Postaire, deputy chief technology officer, France Télévisions


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Deliver outstanding content with New Relic media monitoring

Gain insights that can help you maintain optimal performance, delight your audience, and boost ad revenue.

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