Keep content streaming, ad revenue flowing, and customers tuning in.

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See into every device, even Roku.

Now you’re covered with the first monitoring tools for Roku.

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Easily deliver must-see content.

Troubleshoot fast to always deliver the best digital versions.

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Know what your audience sees.

Visualize your audience journey to pinpoint issues faster. 

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Make big events no big deal.

Make large traffic spikes frictionless with full-stack visibility.

Boost performance with the New Relic Roku agent.

  • Get complete visibility into over-the-top (OTT) streaming issues from network to viewer journey to video quality. 
  • Instantly perform aggregate analyses by combining metrics on one platform to view data in context.  
  • Ditch manual queries with a curated monitoring experience that offers preconfigured, interactive data visualizations.
Screenshot of Roku Nerdlet showing Error and failure rate, affected users, and affected users rate.
Screen with CDN DataStream overview,including total logs received, cache status, and HTTP code distribution.

Make content delivery seamless.

  • Know and resolve issues with your content delivery network (CDN) before your audience tunes out. 
  • Analyze key metrics in one place such as hit, miss, error rates, round-trip time, and origin request time. 
  • Optimize switching strategy by filtering CDN metrics by geography or provider to fix problems in real time.

Know exactly what’s playing and who’s watching.

  • See your complete audience journey from API calls during app launches to playlist selection and first frame. 
  • Eliminate bottlenecks that keep audiences from viewing and enjoying your content. 
  • Keep viewers engaged with frictionless content delivery.
Dashboard including the subscription journey, content playback journey, and total users vs. frustrated viewers.
Screen with service-level objectives (SLO’s) and how they track to target and budget.

Stream high-demand content seamlessly.

  • Easily scale popular content, from new OTT videos to championship games. 
  • Reduce quality related churn with full-stack visibility to spot issues before they become problems.
  • Reduce costs for infrastructure and cloud monitoring with easy collaboration for improved mean time to resolution (MTTR).

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