Customer engagement and loyalty platform, Capillary Technologies, views observability as a must; using New Relic APM, including dashboards and alerts, to decrease the time it takes to detect and resolve issues.


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"New Relic is now acting as a proxy for our customer expectations. And we are able to get feedback from New Relic on whether there is a breach of that expectation. If there is, it alerts us and we’re able to go back and take quick action on it, and be able to resolve it quicker. These alerts act as feedback to our teams and they are immediately able to identify that there something is going wrong, be able to go ahead and act on it," says Piyush Kumar, CTO, Capillary Technologies.

"New Relic dashboards is one of the things that helps us quite a bit in our day to day life. To be able to see the trends and also be able to correlate with other data points, other dashboards within the system," says Piyush.

"It has become a source of truth for people to be able to see, and be able to efficiently generate alerts, and know if something is degrading or something needs to be taken care of. So observability is a must for such platforms to be able to operate sustainably, and New Relic is being our observability partner," says Piyush.