How we calculate price

Full-stack observability in one platform—for one price.
100 GB of free data ingest per month, and then starts at just $0.30/GB beyond. Upgrade to $0.50/GB for premium features with Data Plus. Pricing is based on the amount of data you choose to send to New Relic.
User seats
We offer three user types - basic, core, and full platform users. Pricing is based on the number of users and their permissions. Basic users are always free.
Your price
This includes full access to the entire platform and tools, 500+ integrations, unlimited hosts, unlimited CPUs, and built-in security at no additional cost.

Full access to everything. Get 30+ tools for free.

Pay as you grow.
Pick the plan that's right for you.

Included in all plans:
  • 100 GBs / mo free
    Starts at $0.30 / GB beyond
  • Unlimited basic users
  • Unlimited hosts and CPUs
  • Full access to the platform
  • Unlimited queries
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Unlimited alerts
Start now with one free full platform user and 100 GBs / mo of data included. Only pay for more data or users as you grow.
$0  /mo
  • Includes 1 full platform user Limit 5 full platform users
  • Default Retention
No credit card required
Start for Free Start for Free
For teams with more than 5 engineers and complex workloads.
Flexible pricing +
enhanced capabilities
Everything in Standard plus:
  • No limit on full platform users
  • Data Plus availability
  • Advanced admin capabilities
  • 24x7 support availability
  • 2-hour SLA
For at-scale companies with advanced security and support needs.
Custom pricing +
volume discounts
Everything in Pro plus:
  • Secure, individual storage
  • FedRamp & HIPAA availability
  • Priority ticket routing
  • 1-hour SLA

Get advanced observability with Data Plus.

Get extended retention, FedRAMP, HIPAA, logs obfuscation controls, enhanced data exports, cloud provider choice, and more in our secure, hyper-scalable data platform—included in one, predictable price per GB.

  • 90-day extended retention over default levels
  • Up to 10x the max duration per query and 3x the max query limit
  • FedRAMP and HIPAA compliance
  • Advanced logs obfuscation
  • Enhanced streaming and historical-data export

New Relic Pricing FAQs

New Relic is free to use with the most generous free tiers in the industry so you get the same cloud-based observability used by the best software teams in the world.

Our free tier includes:

  • 1 free full platform user, with the ability to visualize, analyze, & troubleshoot your entire stack. Includes:
    • APM, infrastructure monitoring with Pixie
    • errors inbox
    • digital experience monitoring (browser, mobile, and synthetics)
    • advanced logs capabilities
    • serverless monitoring
    • AIOps, and more.
  • 100 GB free data ingest per month.
  • Unlimited free basic users with access to data ingest, querying, dashboards, and alerts.
  • Default data retention of 8 days and up.


Compared to Datadog, New Relic pricing offers up to 3x the value for your investment. See why engineers choose New Relic vs Datadog.

New Relic calculates data costs based on the volume of data saved in New Relic by your organization, after processing. This includes applying data transformation and trimming rules to the raw data sent to New Relic to provide more observability value. Data sent and ingested can be customized to your needs.

Unlike our competitors, we don't charge egress or data hydration. All your data is indexed and ready to SQL.

Full-Platform—Starting at $99 per user 

Users can monitor, debug, and improve their entire stack with access to our full platform, including APM with distributed tracing, infrastructure monitoring with Pixie, digital experience monitoring (browser, mobile, and synthetics), and more. 

This is ideal for engineers responsible for uptime and reliability for apps and systems, or any engineer who needs advanced troubleshooting capabilities.

Core users—Starting at $49 per user

Users can access telemetry data in their IDE via the New Relic CodeStream integration, error tracking, logs, and more.

This is Ideal for developers who want visibility into how their code performs across production and pre-production environments or who collaborate on issues with DevOps and SRE teams.

Unlimited free basic users

Users get access to custom dashboards, unlimited queries, alerts, and instrumentation.

This is ideal for PMs, engineers, and executives who need shared performance dashboards or alert-status visibility.

Learn more about New Relic user types.

Customers on New Relic Pro and Enterprise editions can choose between our original data plan ($0.30/GB beyond the 100 GB free each month) and Data Plus ($0.50/GB beyond the 100 GB free each month). Customers can also choose to store data in the EU data center for an additional $0.05/GB per month.

The New Relic Data Plus plan is for teams of all sizes that need access to advanced data capabilities, including:

  • 90-day extended retention over default levels: Instead of paying individual premiums for data indexing and retention of each data source, customers will be able to choose which data is stored longer in New Relic without increasing their monthly costs per data type.
  • Up to 10x the max duration per query and 3x the max query limit: Go from 60 seconds per query in the existing data option to up to 10 minutes per query using our GraphQL-format API, or 2 minutes in regular NRQL query builder.  You can run queries in the background to avoid interruption from issues like browser or HTTP timeouts. Also as part of Data Plus, queries inspect up to 100 billion data points per minute—and one trillion data points per 30 minutes. Compare that with the current data option of 10 billion data points per minute, and 300 billion data points in 30 minutes. Data Plus querying improvements help reduce troubleshooting time and scale your observability practices.
  • FedRAMP and HIPAA compliance: With the New Relic Data Plus option, customers in these highly regulated sectors are eligible to request additional security configurations to help with FedRAMP and HIPAA compliance.
  • Advanced logs obfuscation: Engineers can track logs obfuscation rules directly in the log management UI and create anonymized identifiers for sensitive log data such as personally identifiable information (PII), access tokens, and other private or regulated data.
  • Enhanced streaming and historical-data export: Ability to more easily export New Relic data to external destinations for historical analysis and modeling, long-term storage, and integration with other data analytics platforms.


Yes. Available for Pro and Enterprise editions, our annual pool-of-funds option provides volume discounts, predictability, and flexibility with an annual commitment pool allowing roll-overs between months, rather than a monthly commitment amount with a use-it-or-lose-it limitation or monthly overage bills.

Pay-as-you-go options are available with Standard and Pro editions.

In all pay-as-you-go options, you will only pay for your monthly usage above the applicable free tier.

For Standard pay-as-you-go, you can simply add a credit card. Please contact sales for Pro pay-as-you-go options.

You’ll be billed for the number of provisioned full platform or core users and amount of GB ingested per month above the 100 GB provided free to each customer monthly. Default data ingest pricing starts at $0.30/GB per month or $0.50/GB per month for Data Plus to get extended retention and advanced data governance/performance. Customers can also store data in the EU data center for an additional $0.05/GB per month. Additional synthetics checks beyond the amount included in your plan edition are available at $0.005 per check. At any point, you can track your monthly usage amounts in the Plan and Usage UI in New Relic.

Within our usage-based pricing you no longer have to count hosts or CPUs. Instead, you only pay one predictable rate per GB ingested—no matter the data source or type—plus paid user seats. In addition, every account includes 100 GB/month for free.

We have Startups options to help early-stage startups build and scale their next great idea, and our Observability for Good program for nonprofits.

We are deeply committed to the security of your data. We use industry-standard security technologies and comprehensive policies and controls to keep everything you rely on safe.

Also, we enable you to make personal data requests to New Relic in accordance with data protection laws, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). In addition, you can  request HIPAA and FedRAMP-compliant data encryption and security for your eligible account and services.

You can cancel anytime with the pay-as-you-go option, and you will only pay for any usage prior to cancellation. Annual pool of funds are non-cancellable annual and multi-year agreements.

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