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Troubleshoot your stack.
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Monitoring your stack should never include host-based guessing games or hidden costs—just simple pricing with no surprises.

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Telemetry Data Platform

Petabyte scale. Millisecond speed. Pennies per gigabyte. 


Full-Stack Observability

Full-stack visibility. Single, integrated user experience. Priced per user. 


Applied Intelligence

AI and ML services for anomaly detection,alert noise reduction and root cause analysis. Priced per incident event.

Telemetry Data Platform

Collect, analyze, and alert on all your metrics, events, logs, and traces from any source—all in one place.

  • Basic users get platform access to ingest, query, and dashboard telemetry data at $0 per user.
  • Free up to 100 GB/month.
  • $0.25 per GB ingested beyond free limit.

Full-Stack Observability

Get unprecedented visibility into your entire estate and everything you love about New Relic—all in one unified UI.


One full-access user free. (standard plan only)
$149 $99 per additional user/month includes:

  • APM, Infrastructure Monitoring, Digital Experience Monitoring, Logs, Serverless Monitoring, and more
  • New Relic Explorer, including New Relic Navigator and New Relic Lookout view
  • Up to 5 standard users
  • Unlimited free basic users
  • Community support
  • Standard retention
  • 10K Synthetics checks/month

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Everything in Standard plus:

  • SAML-based authentication
  • Multiple accounts
  • Technical support tickets and chat with SLA
  • Virtual onboarding training
  • New Relic Lookout
  • New Relic Edge
  • Product SLA
  • Extended retention options
  • Volume discounts
  • 1M Synthetics checks/month

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Everything in Standard and Pro plus:

  • Automated User Management
  • Technical support tickets, chat, phone, and Slack with enterprise SLA
  • Designated technical account manager
  • 10M Synthetics checks/month

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Applied Intelligence

Reduce alert noise and detect, diagnose, and respond to incidents faster.

  • First 1,000 incident events per month free.
  • $0.50 per incident event beyond

Enterprise options for observability at Scale

Get advanced security, user management, support, commit pricing, and more.

Say goodbye to host-based pricing

Get the story behind our new simple, predictable pricing.