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Troubleshoot frontend issues before they impact your business.

  • Use distributed tracing to identify and triage browser incidents triggered by backend code 
  • Ensure successful deployments by enriching real-time browser data with synthetic tests 
  • Intelligently benchmark page performance with Google Core Web Vitals metrics like load performance, responsiveness, and layout stability

Optimize user-centric perceived performance metrics.

  • Measure user engagement by location and device type with filterable geographies
  • Understand how page-speed gains can improve bounce rate, abandonment, and user satisfaction
  • Set alerts so you can quickly react if key performance indicators shift

Prioritize and fix code-level errors quickly.

  • Group related errors by filtering error profiles by browser type, page views, and other factors
  • Use granular error data to reproduce issues locally and keep them from recurring
  • Correlate source maps and stack traces to better troubleshoot backend services impacting end users

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