Why partner with New Relic?

Partner with New Relic to break open new revenue streams as you deliver the observability that every engineer at each stage of the software and cloud lifecycle craves. Give engineers the data to make smart decisions fast. Make full-stack monitoring one experience on one hyper-scalable data platform. Eliminate tool, data, and team fragmentation. Raise productivity, performance, and technical agility with observability for all. 

Laptop with New Relic Observability Platform.

Build customer success—and elevate your own.

  • Exceed expectations with end-to-end observability 
  • Crystalize ROI with consumption-based pricing 
  • Unify data, teams, and tools—no more silos 
  • Realize true full-stack monitoring—infrastructure, cloud resources, containers, applications, and network 
  • Enable technical agility, rapid innovation, excellent experiences 
  • Speed customer success and reach your goals sooner

New Relic partners with:

  • Cloud platform providers 
  • Solution providers (resellers, services providers, system integrators (SIs))
  • Managed service providers (MSPs)
  • Technology partners (independent software vendors)
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New Relic PartnerStack program

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