Welcome to the New Relic Partner Program.

Join the New Relic Partner Program to grow new revenue streams built on observability powered by New Relic. Give your customers’ engineers data to make smart decisions fast. Make full-stack monitoring a unified experience on one hyper-scalable data platform. Help your customers eliminate tool, data, and team fragmentation. Our platform delivers the observability engineers need for success at every stage of the software and cloud lifecycle.

Riya Shanmugam, GVP Global Alliances and Channels, New Relic, speaks to the observability opportunity for our partners.

Laptop with New Relic Observability Platform.

Your foundation for business growth.

The New Relic Partner Program offers a rich set of resources, training, tools, and support you need to speed success, including:

  • Program flexibility that supports multiple business models and your partner onboarding.
  • Comprehensive, on-demand technical and sales enablement to build your team’s capabilities and competencies.
  • Marketing and sales support materials.
  • Our partner portal is your information and resource hub to get you started and to grow your business.
  • Monthly partner newsletter and PartnerCast webinar to keep you current on product innovations, program updates, new courseware, partner marketing programs, and more.

New Relic partners with:

  • Solution providers, including resellers, service providers, and system integrators (SIs).
  • Managed service providers (MSPs).
  • Technology partners, including independent software vendors.
  • Cloud platform providers.

New Relic GVP Global Alliances and Channels, Riya Shanmugam, chats with Sean Barker, cloudEQ CEO, about our partnership.

As a global strategic cloud services provider, we are delighted to be part of the New Relic Partner Program. The combination of New Relic's observability platform and their partner ecosystem of cloud providers, technology partners, and channel partners creates opportunity and value for cloudEQ and our customers. New Relic's product focus allows us to push innovation to drive end-to-end observability, shifting left for our clients to provide identification of automation opportunities, faster development, deployment and optimized management of their software.

New Relic Partner Program

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