What’s included in the
New Relic free tier?

One Full Platform User

With access to all 30+ platform capabilities, such as APM with tracing and logs.

100 GB Data Ingest

Including security data analyzed by New Relic Vulnerability Management. 

Default Logs Obfuscation

For masking known credit-card and Social-Security-number patterns in logs.

Unlimited Basic Users

With access to data ingest, querying, dashboards, and alerts.

Default Data Retention

For at least eight days to re-create issues and better understand performance. 

Unlimited Ping Monitors

Including 500 synthetic monitoring checks deployed to meet your needs.

What are engineers doing with
the New Relic free tier?

Learn how engineering teams are using our free tier to monitor their stack.

How are you using the New Relic free tier?

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How else can you use the
New Relic free tier?


Access dashboards that you can use to understand and customize the data you collect and correlate connected sources with charts for fast, efficient troubleshooting.


Synthetic Monitoring

Simulate user journeys on your web application across devices and throughout the application lifecycle—and protect your customers from an imperfect user experience.

Kubernetes Monitoring

Analyze intra-cluster communication and latency with service, DNS, and network flow graphs. Understand how app performance and cluster resources impact each other so you can diagnose cluster problems such as OOMKills, failed image pulls, and crash loops.


One platform. One price.
Full-stack observability.

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550+ Integrations

Get started in minutes with 550+ integrations.

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30+ Capabilities

Monitor your full stack with our all-in-one platform.

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Simple, Transparent Pricing

Add a credit card and pay as you go if you need more data or users.

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