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Improve quality of builds to ensure availability.

  • Simulate traffic across thousands of public locations and private locations to proactively detect and resolve issues 
  • Alert on sub-optimal performance of URLs, APIs, and services—then automatically track uptime to simplify reporting
  • Make deployments high-performing with new or updated relevant synthetic monitors in build automation and CI/CD pipelines

Troubleshoot faster with full-stack context.

  • Pinpoint how endpoint failures link to the health of your applications, services, and Kubernetes environments
  • Identify if issues stem from AWS outages, slow third-party resources, or backend services and infrastructure
  • Improve end-user experience with user-centric performance metrics like first contentful paint and long running tasks

Optimize performance across your entire production lifecycle.

  • Leverage synthetic tests to eliminate errors and issues with your code in pre-production
  • Benchmark page speed against competitors, isolate slow third-party resources, and tune pages that are already live
  • Use our next-gen runtime to fly through synthetic tests on the latest browsers

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