Test apps for real-user errors before they happen.

Improve builds
Improve the quality of builds.

Proactively detect low performing entities like URLs, APIs, and services. 

Troubleshoot faster
Troubleshoot faster.

Across your stack, know exactly what service is affected straight from the entity map.

Make collaboration easy.

Work together to close issues that auto-generated from impacted tests.  

make CFO happy
Keep your CFO happy.

Only pay for what you use, with transparent pricing for add-ons.

Simulate the entire user journey.

  • Test for traffic across thousands of public and private locations to solve issues before you ship. 
  • Simulate different device, browser, and OS users to know which are underperforming.  
  • Build for peak performance by adding synthetic monitoring to build automation and CI/CD pipelines.
Triage map showing checkout workflow baseline.

Instantly troubleshoot across your stack.

  • Pinpoint how endpoint failures affect the health of your apps, services, and Kubernetes environments.
  • Know if issues stem from AWS outages, third-party resources, or backend services and infrastructure. 
  • See all dependencies affecting a synthetic test, and quickly pivot to browser monitoring for resolution.

Build peak performance into your entire production lifecycle.

  • Use alerts and AI to easily pivot from a synthetic check to auto-generated tickets across AIOps. 
  • Fly through synthetic tests on the latest browsers with our next-gen runtime. 
  • Catch uptime and functionality issues faster in post-production with scheduled routine checks.
Screen showing an issue found during synthetic check query.

Ready to start testing apps quickly?

Our instant integrations for cloud services, tools, and services make it easy.

30+ capabilities for the price of one.
Even our cost is simplified.

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