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Business Challenge

10x Banking provides a cloud-native core banking platform that helps banks modernize their legacy systems. New Relic helps 10x collect telemetry data in one place so that teams can make informed decisions based on real-time production insights. Now that teams can identify problems before they impact customers, engineers have more ownership and accountability for the services they run in production.


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"Our observability journey started off like most people, where our clients would inform us when something wasn't working with our platform. As we matured as an engineering organization, as a product, we wanted to be ahead of the game and be able to proactively identify any issues that could affect our clients," says Joseph Wogan, principal platform engineer at 10x Banking.

"The ability that New Relic provides to allow you to correlate specific requests or between services all the way from infrastructure through to the front end is really powerful and makes it a lot easier to diagnose issues and to identify problems as well before they arise," says Graham Little, director of engineering at 10x Banking.

"That helps us build our culture as well when we've got engineers talking to each other across different teams, getting to know each other, breaking down some of those silos," says Graham.

Having all the data in one place makes it a lot easier to make informed decisions.