Welcome to Observability For Good 

Through Observability for Good, nonprofits of all sizes from around the world can gain affordable access to the New Relic One platform and start delivering more perfect software!

 All eligible organizations receive:

  • 5 Standard Full-Stack Observability seats

  • 1 TB/mo of data send to Telemetry Data Platform

  • Ticketed Support

  • Access to NewRelic.org programs like pro bono expert services from our employees, hackathons, nonprofit tailored webinars, etc.  

Many global nonprofits, NGOs, .orgs and charity organizations qualify

See full eligibility requirements

Getting Started:

  1. You'll need a free New Relic account to get started. 

  2. Check out our eligibility guidelines to see if your nonprofit qualifies.

  3. Complete the 'Get Started' form on this page and you'll get an email walking you through your next steps!

  4. Finally, use your TeckSoup token to upgrade your New Relic account. 

Need Help? Email us at npdealdesk@newrelic.com

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