What is Codestream?

Improve performance through data-driven development.

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See your telemetry in context.

See relevant performance metrics alongside your code in your IDE.

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Quickly debug production errors.

Find and fix recent errors in the code you’re responsible for.

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Identify poorly performing code.

Receive notifications of code-level performance issues since your last release.

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See how your services are performing.

Understand how the services built from your code are performing, in any environment.


Go from error discovery to resolution faster.

  • Discover recent errors in the code you’re responsible for, right in the IDE.
  • Step through the stack trace to locate the problem and collaboratively work towards a fix. 
  • Jump from errors inbox to the relevant code in your IDE with a click.

Search logs without context switching.

  • Speed up your investigation by searching logs right from your IDE.
  • Search for output from specific log lines in your code.
  • Search logs reported by New Relic APM agents, infrastructure agent, or OpenTelemetry integration.

Get granular with code-level performance data.

  • Quickly identify underperforming methods in your code to tackle problems early. 
  • Effortlessly monitor code performance with an always-on, in-editor view of metrics.
  • Catch problems before production by viewing metrics for lower environments.

See the big picture; know how your services are performing.

  • View golden metrics for your services—and any related services.
  • Get actionable information on errors, vulnerabilities, and service-level objectives (SLOs).
  • See telemetry for any instrumented environment.
  • Fix errors, remediate vulnerabilities, and find non-compliant SLOs.
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