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Plan, prioritize, and begin tasks from your IDE

Through integrations with Jira, Trello, Asana, GitHub, GitLab, YouTrack, Clubhouse and Azure DevOps, you can:

  • Browse your outstanding tasks
  • Update task status or create a branch
  • Keep ticket context with PRs and feedback requests

Discuss code and request feedback where you code

  • Code authors are auto-tagged based on git blame info
  • Conversation threads are tied to code locations across branches as new code merges in
  • Integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams and email

Start and manage your pull request workflow

  • Trigger pull requests in your IDE for better code reviews
  • View code comments from merged pull requests
  • Works with repos like GitHub and GitLab

Debug production errors fast

  • Jump from Errors Inbox or Pixie to your IDE in a single click
  • Step through stack traces for code-level debugging
  • Take action on issues and bring in discussions from Slack or Teams directly into your IDE.

Getting started has never been easier

  • Instrument your applications in a few clicks directly from your IDE
  • CodeStream has support for Visual Studio, JetBrains, and VS Code

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