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What is Codestream?

Bring telemetry and tools together where developers live. In the IDE.

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See your telemetry in context.

See all the telemetry associated with the code you have open.

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Quickly debug production errors.

Discover errors related to your code right in your IDE.

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Simplify developer workflows.

Discuss code, track issues, and review pull requests with no context switching.

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Easily collaborate across platforms.

Sync discussions between your IDE, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email.

Improve performance with visibility into all metrics.

  • View code-level metrics to really understand how everything is performing in production.
  • See metrics in lower environments to catch problems early.
  • See always-on, in-editor metrics for easy, everyday performance monitoring.

Collaborate to find and fix errors faster.

  • Jump from errors inbox to the relevant code in your IDE with a click.
  • Step through stack traces to locate problem code quickly. 
  • Forget siloed teams and easily bring the right people into the discussion to resolve issues fast.

Manage your pull request workflow in one place.

  • Review pull requests with full source tree context in your IDE.  
  • Easily view and make comments on changes using tree view of changed files.
  • Work more efficiently with support for GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, and GitLab self-managed.
Dashboard with code discussion and review at code locations in the IDE.

Collaborate right where you code.

  • Auto-tag the code author based on git blame info.
  • Tie conversation threads to code locations across branches as new code merges in.
  • Integrate easily with collaboration tools you already use like Slack, Teams, and email.

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Integrate with your current tools.

Install extensions for VS Code, Visual Studio, and all JetBrains editors—then start collaborating across your stack.

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