Discover the top benefits of observability
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Debug faster

Drill down into services without modifying source code, giving you:

  • Live debugging with no sampling.
  • Real-time service, DNS, and network flow graphs to show intra-cluster communication and latency.
  • Flamegraphs to see slow-running code and cluster resource consumption.

Get instant, no-code observability

Pixie auto-telemetry monitors every service instantly. And because Pixie is language-agnostic, there’s no instrumentation expertise needed.

With Pixie and New Relic's Kubernetes integration, you'll get detailed performance data for:

  • Kubernetes infrastructure and events
  • Prometheus metrics
  • Logs
  • Stack traces
  • Distributed traces
  • Real-time profiles

Correlate performance

Understand how nodes, pods, containers, and applications impact each other.

Drill down to get visibility into applications and infrastructure metrics side-by-side in a rich, curated UI that simplifies complex environments.

Start quickly (and easily)

No code to update, no new deployments, and no long standardization processes. Auto-Telemetry with Pixie uses eBPF to automatically collect metrics, events, logs, and traces for your Kubernetes clusters, applications, OS, and network layers.

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