K8s monitoring makes the complex simple with instant visibility into clusters and workloads.

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Track cluster resources.

See memory, CPU, storage, and networking across nodes and pods.

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Boost workload performance.

See how app performance and cluster resources impact each other.

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Easily analyze cluster events.

Identify and resolve errors such as CashLoopBackOff and OOMKill.

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Know resource health at a glance.

Get color-coded UIs and preconfigured alerting.


Get no-sweat, no code instrumentation with Pixie.

  • Gain full K8s observability without agents or complex, time-consuming instrumentation, using eBPF.
  • See and understand intra-cluster communication and latency with service, DNS, and network flow graphs.
  • Quickly identify slow-running code and cluster resource consumption with Flamegraphs.
  • Pixie is a CNCF Sandbox project.
Screen showing a Kubernetes cluster and the health and key metrics of nodes, pods, containers, and workloads.

Banish complexity—and deploy more reliable apps.

  • See everything in your clusters, from apps to infrastructure, with platform-wide observability.
  • Quickly diagnose cluster problems such as OOMKills, failed image pulls, and crash loops.
  • Understand resource health with color-coded UIs and preconfigured alerting policies.

Easily correlate cluster and workload performance.

  • Understand how nodes, pods, containers, and applications impact each other.
  • Analyze workload performance across all your clusters in a single, curated UI.
  • Get real-time alerts with an activity stream for K8s events and critical issues.
Screen with the APM Kubernetes UI with deployment information and cluster resource metrics.
Diagram showing how Prometheus metrics are stored in New Relic’s database and visualized in New Relic or Grafana

Monitor Prometheus metrics all in one place.

  • Skip the burden of managing Prometheus servers, storage, availability, and scale.
  • Analyze Prometheus metrics with 13 months of retention, alongside the rest of your data.
  • Visualize and alert on your Prometheus data in Grafana, or migrate your dashboards into New Relic.
Start Today

Get started in just a few clicks.

  • Get K8s observability quickly and easily with our simple, guided install. 
  • Have instant, no-code (language agnostic) observability with Pixie using eBPF.
  • Get insights immediately with out-of-the-box alerting for nodes and pods.
Developer using New Relic to see his Kubernetes data

30+ capabilities for the price of one.
Even our cost is simplified.

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