Everything you need to troubleshoot your stack in just a few clicks

New Relic for Startups provides founders and startup engineering teams the ability to:

  • Level up their engineering and DevOps practices with the cloud-based observability platform used by the best software teams in the world
  • Easily visualize, analyze, & troubleshoot apps built on distributed systems
  • Save resources required to setup and maintain different tools to get a full picture of their application and system performance
  • See the metrics, logs, events, and traces from all of your different services all in one place.
  • Get exclusive discounts, credits, technical resources, and support to quickly grow and scale their business.

For startups part of the AWS Activate program, please use the exclusive New Relic offer in their AWS Activate console.


Integrate with all of the tools, open standards, and cloud services you need to build the next big thing.

New Relic makes it easy to integrate with leading cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. We’re also committed to open standards, open instrumentation, and the open communities that support them. Learn more

Think big, spend small, build faster with AWS Activate through New Relic.

In the AWS Activate program? Get started with New Relic for Startups, with resources to help you debug intelligently and deliver with confidence. 

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Access the entire New Relic One Platform.

Get a connected, real-time view of all your operational data with:

Telemetry Data Platform – Get a single source of truth for all your data, including open telemetry and logs. 

Full-Stack Observability – Visualize, analyze, and optimize your entire software stack from a single screen.

Applied Intelligence – Get to the root cause of every incident with automatic insights to reduce alert noise.