Intelligent incident response with actionable alerts.

Reduce alerts icon
Instantly reduce alert volume.

Configure and optimize alerts to sync with business impact.

Incidents icon
See incidents in context.

Know what’s happening across your stack with anomaly and outlier detection.

Collaborate icon
Collaborate in real-time.

Notify teams when an incident happens for the fastest response.

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Know the root cause.

Alerts work with AIOps to reveal the cause and suggest resolutions.


Lower MTTR for Gett.


Reduction in delay for AB InBev.


Reduction on incident volume for PicPay.

Know what’s wrong before customers do.

  • Alert on incidents and anomalies to fix issues before they impact your business. 
  • Automatically set baselines with dynamic thresholds and recommendations based on machine learning. 
  • Boost uptime and reliability with automatic alerts tied to critical applications and infrastructure.
Alert policy setup and configuration interface in New Relic
Alert coverage gaps interface in New Relic

Switch on total alert coverage, and turn off alert noise.

  • Easily pinpoint gaps in alert coverage and eliminate notifications that aren’t business critical.
  • Find issues fast, and immediately begin incident response by seeing notices in context.
  • Manage alerts with smart notifications across your stack,  including third-party integrations.

Fix issues faster with your entire team on the same page.

  • Get contextual notifications across teams to see, escalate, and solve issues quickly.  
  • Easily integrate alerts with ITSM software like ServiceNow, Slack, PagerDuty, SMS, and more. 
  • Set muting rules when you don’t need them, such as when performing maintenance.
Destinations page in New Relic Alerts & AI
Anomalies, Incidents, and Issues Homepage in New Relic

Automatically identify root cause to cut MTTR.

  • Detect smarter with automatic root cause analysis and tactics  to solve any issue faster. 
  • Instantly share the context of an incident with your entire team for quicker triage and resolution.
  • Correlate issues with related deployments, errors, and other incidents to know incident scope in a flash.
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