Domino’s makes fast pizza delivery even faster.

Most people know Domino's UK for its hot, tasty pizzas, but it's also a high-technology digital platform business. New Relic allows Domino's to run vital observability and monitoring competencies across its SRE function, including monitoring golden signals and tracking its most important customer journeys.

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"We wanted to future-proof Domino's Pizza Group with a new platform that supports our growth ambitions by introducing a composable architecture of best-in-breed technologies," says Patrick Hyland, Senior Engineering Manager at Domino's Pizza UK & Ireland.

"New Relic provides a portal whereby we can codify specific SLI configurations in order to make sure that we are compliant with the SLOs, and ultimately this helps us in getting the pizza to the customers quicker."

"For example, we have a 99.6% on availability. We can codify this into the New Relic portal in the service level management product offering, and then track the error budget to see whether that SLI is compliant or not with its SLO."

What I like about New Relic is having everything available to me in a single place.