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Ev Haus
New Relic's consumption pricing has been massively beneficial to ZenHub because it has saved us a lot of cost while giving our engineers access to all of our telemetry data. The value we get for the price with New Relic is unquestionable.
Ev Haus, Head of Technology, ZenHub

ZenHub is the only agile project management solution built directly into GitHub. It enables teams to add powerful tracking, planning, and reporting features to their GitHub instance using ZenHub’s web application, or through a simple browser extension. This makes their development processes even more agile while maximizing team efficiency.


Launched in 2014, ZenHub was built by a team of developers in Vancouver, Canada, to manage projects while preserving their focus in GitHub. Today, 54,000 developers across more than 40 countries at companies including Adobe, SAP Fieldglass, Microsoft, and Comcast rely on ZenHub to ship better software, faster.

Key Facts

  • ~40 employees
  • A remote-first, boundaryless company
  • The ZenHub application powers 1,250+ teams around the world

Developer Details

  • Environment: Google Cloud Platform running Kubernetes, as well as an on-premises version 
  • Team organization: Squad-type model similar to Spotify, with full-stack pods responsible for individual areas of the business
  • Favorite New Relic feature: The developer-friendly pricing model


Because ZenHub is built into GitHub, it faces technical restrictions that are beyond its control. This has resulted in a complex technology stack that makes it challenging for ZenHub’s development teams to keep data synchronized between the two platforms.

In addition to maintaining service availability and performance, the ZenHub application must also scale seamlessly as the company continues to grow. All of these aspects impact ZenHub’s ability to deliver a frictionless developer experience that makes it easier to run software teams effectively.


With full-stack observability across the application environment, New Relic One gives ZenHub IT leaders and engineers the visibility they need to maintain the health and performance of their application, quickly identify issues, detect trends, and scale to support business growth. “We continue to grow on all fronts, thanks to the observability and scalability we get with New Relic One,” said Ev Haus, Head of Technology at ZenHub.

Monitor application health

ZenHub’s engineering teams (called pods) use New Relic One to monitor the health of the application and infrastructure by tracking error rates, throughput, transaction response times, user behavior, and other core metrics. For example, the growth pod might review the usage of a new service or capability and how it’s performing, then use that data to guide engineers in optimizing its performance or inform future decisions for new features. Performance data within New Relic One also helps ZenHub teams prepare for meetings with prospective customers and show that they can deliver service levels specific to the prospect’s needs.    

Quickly troubleshoot problems and identify bottlenecks 

Without the ability to visualize and analyze telemetry data that helps ZenHub engineers get past the “what” to uncover the “why” and get to the root cause quickly, ZenHub estimates that troubleshooting its large, complex technology stack, which includes caches and messaging queues, could take weeks. With New Relic One, ZenHub engineers see exactly what is happening and can identify and fix problems and bottlenecks in days and even hours, saving valuable engineering time.

Scale effectively without overprovisioning

As ZenHub’s user base grows, observability into the health and performance of its software helps the company scale effectively. Instead of over-provisioning infrastructure to support growth and maintain performance, ZenHub uses metrics within New Relic to plan for the right capacity increases at the right time, without impacting performance or overspending. 

“New Relic's consumption pricing has been massively beneficial to ZenHub because it has saved us a lot of money while giving our engineers access to all of our telemetry data," said Ev. "The value we get for the price with New Relic is unquestionable.”

We continue to grow on all fronts, thanks to the observability and scalability we get with New Relic One.
Ev Haus, Head of Technology, ZenHub

Use Cases

  • Monitor the health of its application within Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform
  • Quickly identify problems and potential bottlenecks in a complex application environment
  • Use insight into capacity requirements to effectively scale to support growth 
  • Drive product research through insight into usage trends
  • Demonstrate performance against service-level metrics in pre-sales situations