A complete picture of your data that fits your exact needs.

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Correlate all your telemetry.

Pull data from everywhere, even third-party sources, to get context.

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Get started in seconds.

Get hundreds of pre-built dashboard templates relevant to your team.

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Easily customize your view.

Choose from built-in chart templates or dive deep with custom queries.

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Build dynamic dashboards.

Select your own filters and create templates for precise insights.

Visualize anything. Connect everything.

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Explore your data at a glance.

  • Quickly slice and dice relevant data into one view with the world’s most powerful telemetry database. 
  • Analyze more than 50 billion events with a lightning-fast median response time of 60 ms per query. 
  • Instantly get the data you need by simply plugging a value into a template variable in your dashboard widget query.

Go from complex searches to easy answers.

  • Explore, filter, and add searches in a click with New Relic query language (NRQL) or data explorer.
  • View data in context with easy-to-use tools, including brush-to zoom, chart scrubber, and more
  • Instantly recognize which values are important to filter with the variables filter bar and template variables.
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Take more control and increase efficiency.

  • Take advantage of automation with dashboards as code through the New Relic Terraform provider. 
  • Easily create, configure, and export dashboards with the NerdGraph API.
  • Create dashboard templates using template variables that pull from a query-generated list of values.

Collaborate on data insights right in the dashboard.

  • Chat directly in the dashboard UI, and share beyond New Relic users with our Slack integration. 
  • Easily export your dashboards as a JSON or PDF file to keep your entire team in the loop. 
  • Invite others to your dashboards with a click by copying and sharing a permalink.
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Ready to start using dashboards quickly?

Choose from hundreds of preconfigured dashboards from our library of instant integrations for cloud services, tools, and open standards.

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