Visualize and correlate anything

New Relic dashboards are available for every data source from anywhere in the platform — even from third-party sources. So you can stream and track data from agents (APM, browser, mobile, infrastructure, synthetics) and third-party instrumentation such as Prometheus, DropWizard, Zipkin, OpenTelemetry, Fluentd, and more for deeper analysis, segmentation, and correlation.


Explore data faster

Because everything in the platform runs on the world’s most powerful telemetry database, you can quickly slice and dice all your data into flexible visualizations. Your queries go directly to the data for a lightning-fast median response time of 60ms with the ability to analyze over 50 billion events in a single query.

Uncover answers easily

Navigating all your data visually has never been more accessible. Harness the querying power of NRQL, or get a guided point-and-click experience with the data explorer. Either way, you can easily explore, filter, and add searches to dashboards in a click.


Customize your view

Get flexibility with less toil. Choose from a library of built-in charts and templates, or take advantage of New Relic’s programmable platform to build your own custom visualization and pin it to your dashboard.

Get full programmatic control

Leverage automation and increase efficiency with dashboards as code using the New Relic Terraform provider. Or, use the NerdGraph API to create, configure, and export dashboards with precision.

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Dig a little deeper to find out how to make the most of Dashboards in New Relic One.

Build your own visualizations

Learn how to create your own chart from scratch and add it to your dashboard!

Out of the box custom charts

No time to code? No problem! Get started in seconds with custom chart templates.

Get full access to New Relic for free

Monitor your stack for free with full platform access and 100GB of ingest per month. No credit card required.