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Collect data from any source and extend observability across your digital landscape. Our open APIs empower you to work with your data in innovative ways, and can turn your metrics and traces into easily visualized entities with more personalized meaning.

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New Relic One draws meaningful connections within your complex sea of data. Instead of a never-ending “bag of metrics” that you have to sift through to find answers, powerful AI capabilities can automatically highlight relationships between all your entities and make sense of it all—so busy DevOps and SRE teams can respond to incidents smarter and faster.

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You can start with our curated experience and create your own apps, dashboards, and even completely custom user interfaces. With all the tools New Relic engineers use every day in your hands, on top of our massive entity-centric telemetry collection, you can unlock new innovations for your unique software environment and business. If you can imagine it, you can build it.

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Save time finding and fixing errors

New Relic One helps you understand what’s happening in your increasingly complex and interdependent systems. Find and fix issues fast and uncover where to go to drill down further and investigate deeper root causes. 

NR1 Platform

What are entities and why do they matter?

Apps, hosts, containers, Kubernetes clusters, cloud services, databases, VMs—anything you need to monitor—these are all entities. Unlike any other platform in the industry, New Relic One lets you search across all your entities, see all their relationships and dependencies, and understand the context of what matters to your business.


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Powerful capabilities for modern tech teams

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Cloud scale

Innovate faster and with greater flexibility through the power of multi-tenancy and on-demand SaaS scale.

Scale rapidly 

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US/EU Regions

During account setup, select your preferred data-hosting region, regardless of your physical location.

Data regions 

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New Relic for iOS/Android

Keep a close watch on your system performance anytime, anywhere.

New Relic on the go

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Enterprise security

We’re third-party audited and our protocols are transparent, documented, and verified.

People, process, privacy

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Streamline your tooling with our 220+ integrations, including Kubernetes, Docker, serverless, and many AWS services.

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Get less noise and resolve issues faster with advanced alerts on what you care about most.

Stay out of the war room 

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New Relic AI

Identify problems earlier, understand incidents better, and get to root causes faster.

Smarter responses

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Build custom applications on New Relic One and get a more complete understanding of your unique business.

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