Watch New Relic session replay in action.


Unlock deeper insights into customer experiences.

Playback icon
Play back user interactions.

Humanize observability to know exactly how customers are using your applications.

Issue resolution icon
Banish bugs faster.

Review recorded user sessions to quickly turn pain points to pain-free interactions. 

Privacy icon
Safeguard user privacy.

Keep user data secure with privacy controls that keep user info anonymous. 

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Build brilliant experiences.

Bridge the gap between error tracking and user behavior to create amazing apps.

Rewind, replay, resolve.

  • Easily re-create issues by capturing every user interaction in pixel-perfect detail.  
  • Instantly see the ripple effects of errors and performance bottlenecks based on user behavior.
  • Access detailed stack traces to pinpoint the exact code responsible for performance issues.
Video player for user session replay feature.
Dashboard that maps sessions replays to telemetry data for faster bug identification.

Crush bugs with detailed insights.

  • Review replays alongside telemetry data to step into your user’s shoes.  
  • Explore your application’s DOM tree as if using browser dev tools. 
  • Track user actions directly to the source to eliminate guesswork and fix bugs lightning fast.

Guarantee data protection for every customer.

  • Ensure that sensitive data stays protected by fine-tuning access to replayed sessions.  
  • Safeguard user identity by automatically concealing personal information in replayed sessions.  
  • Maintain confidentiality of captured sessions by applying encryption and secure protocols.
Privacy settings window within the New Relic observability platform.

30+capabilities.  One platform.  One price.

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