Supplier Portal

Doing Business with New Relic

At New Relic, we believe that building trusted relationships with our suppliers is a fundamental part of delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers.

We ask that our suppliers engage with our Procurement team early and responsively, that they be transparent and ethical, and that they help us to adhere to the highest standards of security and privacy, to ensure that working with New Relic remains a better, faster, and safer experience for all.

You will be expected to review and comply with our Supplier Code of ConductInvoicing Practices and Contract Requirements / Purchase Order Terms & Conditions.


Signed contracts are required prior to doing business with New Relic. Standard contract terms shall be provided upon vendor onboarding. Please expect to work directly with your New Relic contact and the Procurement team during this process.  Contract execution is managed through DocuSign.  All supplier contracts are routed by the New Relic Procurement department and the supplier is expected to sign first.


In order to expedite the process, we urge our vendors to use our standard contract terms. 

Data Privacy:

New Relic is in compliance with data privacy laws around the world. In an effort to adhere to same, New Relic may require its vendors to sign additional documentation to ensure its vendors' compliance with those laws. 

Trademarks and Intellectual Property:

We require all of our vendors to refrain from using any New Relic logos, trademarks or marks of any kind without New Relic's express written consent by our VP of Public Relations.

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Our non-negotiable Purchase Order Terms


In order to help ensure on-time payments, we ask our vendors to follow these guidelines:

  • Don't do work without first obtaining an approved PO or signed contract
  • To expedite the processing of your invoice, submit your invoices through the Supplier Portal
  • You may also email invoices to the specific entity to be billed below but expect that this will take longer to process your payment
  • Include on the invoice the following information: 1) first and last name of your New Relic business contact (requester of services/goods), 2) New Relic Ship to Location to receive services/goods on each invoice, 3) along with PO number if applicable 
  • Annual costs exceeding $5,000 USD require a Purchase Order referenced on your invoice.  Otherwise, the invoice will be rejected.

Note that our standard Payment terms are Net 60 days from receipt of invoice.  To ensure proper receipt of your invoice, it is advised that suppliers use the Supplier Portal over email.

To email your invoices or for billing questions, reach out to: 


 Region  Email Address
US / New Relic Inc (Q&A only)
UK Ltd (London)
International Ltd (Ireland)
Switzerland GmBH
Spain SL
Germany GMBH
Canada ULC
Asia & Australia Pty Ltd    
New Relic France SAS

Vendor Code of Conduct

New Relic Vendor Code of Conduct 

Supplier Diversity Program

New Relic supports having a diverse supplier base. If your company is registered as Woman, Minority, LGBGTQ, Disabled, or Veteran owned, we want to know!  Please inform your New Relic contact and the Procurement team during your on boarding process.

Supplier Registration and Portal

If you are invited to be a New Relic supplier, you will need to register through the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), New Relic's global procure to pay system.

The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is a free tool for suppliers to easily do business with New Relic. The CSP makes managing your customers who use Coupa, and transactions easy. You can manage content and settings on a customer-by-customer basis, including:

  • Receive and view purchase orders
  • Create, view, and send invoices
  • Create and manage customer-specific electronic catalogs
  • Manage your public and customer-specific company profiles and remit-to information
  • Check the status of transactions with your customers such as New Relic 

To get an invite reach out to your NewRelic business partner to initiate the request through Coupa. Once you receive the Coupa generated invitation, please register and manage your company’s profile via the CSP.

Please note:

  • You will be asked to provide tax/certification forms
  • Electronic payment is the preferred method of payment. Any other payment method will likely result in delayed payment turnaround time.
  • Access to New Relic as a customer through the CSP is by invitation only.