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Instrument everything so you have no blind spots. Ingest the data that matters to you from anywhere into our platform using agents, agentless, and open source instrumentation to extend observability across your systems.

New Relic Programmability


Understand quickly so you can act more effectively. We apply intelligence to create meaningful connections and context within and between your data, so you can make sense of it and see through the complexity you manage every day.


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Build unique applications to drive your business. Combine the full telemetry of our platform with your unique data to power applications that can provide unique insights, or integrate with your key processes—making your teams more effective.

New Relic Programmability


Everything in One Place

Get answers in context without jumping from tool to tool or performing mental gymnastics. With all of your data in New Relic One, you can follow a line of inquiry in a few clicks and know exactly how everything relates to each other. See for yourself how to go from a high-level Kubernetes view down to individual trace logs with complete context in under 30 seconds and 5 steps.

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Observability in One Place

RyanAir Hearst REI Conde Nast

“New Relic has made us all better and faster at doing our jobs. Without it, it would be impossible to troubleshoot this environment.”

Declan Costello, Infrastructure and Operations Manager, RyanAir

“New Relic...shows exactly where in the code, database, or caching layer a potential bottleneck could be.”

Jim Mortko, Vice President of Engineering, Hearst Corporation

“[New Relic] has helped us pinpoint where the errors are happening or what service is down, and reliability has improved significantly.”

Todd Wilson, Director of Platform Engineering, REI

“I’ve lost count of the number of ah-ha moments we’ve had with New Relic.”

Chris Handy, Director of Technical Operations, Condé Nast

Deliver more perfect software

Manage Complex systems

New Relic Logs 

Fast and accessible aggregation.

New Relic Metrics & Traces

Open source, vendor agnostic.

New Relic Serverless

All of your functions under one roof.

New Relic AI

Proactively detect and resolve incidents. 


Improve Client-side Experiences

New Relic Browser 

Front-end experience monitoring.

New Relic Mobile 

From end user to infrastructure.

New Relic Synthetics

Advanced scriptable testing.


Build and Run Better Software

New Relic APM 

Overcome software complexity.

New Relic Infrastructure 

Service and host health checks.

2019 Accelerate State of DevOps (DORA) Report

Join report co-founder Dr. Nicole Forsgren and New Relic's Tori Wieldt as we take a closer look at this year's findings, including what we can learn from elite DevOps performers—a group that's grown 3x year over year.

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Build more perfect software

Simple to set up. Simple to use. Try New Relic for free and get a clear view across your entire digital landscape.  

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