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Unflattening JSON data with New Relic Flex

Using the jq command in New Relic Flex to convert columnwise data into a row-wise format.

5 min read

Leon Adato

Setting bulkhead parameters before deploying them to production

Optimize bulkhead tuning pre-deployment with actionable insights and key monitoring charts.

15 min read

Chuck Lauer Vose

Introducing the Expert Observability series

A new blog series where we will be sharing our observability best practices: “Expert Observability”

1 min read

Ashley Puls

The business value of observability: Insights from the 2023 Observability Forecast

Explore key insights from the 2023 Observability Forecast, highlighting the transformative impact of observability on business growth, efficiency, and ROI.

3 min read


Peter Pezaris

Announcing our 2023 Impact Fund grantees

Learn about nonprofits awarded funding for technology projects, furthering New Relic’s mission to expand equitable access to technology.

1 min read


Erin Dieterich

Monitoring recalcitrant APIs with New Relic Flex

APIs can be a rich source of observability, but sometimes they need encouragement to share their data.

8 min read

Leon Adato

How BlackLine saved $16 million per year by consolidating tools

Consolidating tools shifted incident culture and created new ways to build code at BlackLine.

5 min read

Cody Chandler

Andrew Proksel

Monitor a fleet of MySQL servers with Ansible

Monitor MySQL servers at scale with Ansible and New Relic. Achieve streamlined management, enhanced visibility, and proactive performance insights.

6 min read

Mehreen Tahir

APIs are a rich source of observability data

APIs can provide valuable insights into the state and performance of an application.

4 min read

Leon Adato

Troubleshooting NGINX with New Relic observability

Discover how to troubleshoot common NGINX issues using New Relic's observability platform. From high latency to SSL/TLS configuration problems, this guide offers insights and tools

2 min read

How to Relic

Andy Ramirez

Make the most of Giving Tuesday with system excellence

Nine tips on how nonprofit engineers can set up observability in New Relic to get ready for a big online donor event.

1 min read

How to Relic

Carrie Schmid

Azure virtual machine (VM) troubleshooting with infrastructure monitoring

Maximize Azure Virtual Machine (VM) performance and availability with best practices for infrastructure monitoring. Prevent network connectivity, storage, security, and other issue

5 min read

Raven Welch

How to monitor the performance of your web pages with Selenium 4 and New Relic

Enhance your web testing process, optimize performance, and ensure consistent user experience using Selenium 4 and New Relic Synthetics for web monitoring

5 min read

Mat Wilk

Unlock the power of observability for marketing leaders

Connect business and software performance data in New Relic to make high-impact decisions about your website, marketing campaigns, and more.

1 min read

Andy Ramirez

Louis Leung

Optimizing React Native app performance

Improve your user experience with real time, data backed insights of your Mobile applications built using React Native.

1 min read

Siddhartha Khare

Nisarg Desai

Why you need IAST

Learn about the benefits of interactive application security testing (IAST), and see best practices for identifying and fixing vulnerabilities.

1 min read

David Puzas

New Relic achieves Google Cloud Ready designation for Cloud SQL

New Relic has achieved the Google Cloud Ready - Cloud SQL designation for Cloud SQL, Google Cloud’s Fully managed relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Serve

2 min read

Kiran Hew

Managing SLA breaches: crucial steps to avoid violations

Discover best practices for avoiding and handling SLA breaches. Get expert insights into how to mitigate the risks of SLA breaches.

6 min read

Raven Welch

Top 10 tips for instrumenting Golang with New Relic, part 2

Are you building modern apps in Golang? This guide will help you instrument Golang faster by providing tips, guidance, and best practices with New Relic.

8 min read

Steve Ng

How to achieve CDN observability with Amazon CloudFront logs

Looking to stream your CloudFront logs in real-time to New Relic? Follow this guide to stream logs using Kinesis Data stream and Firehose.

8 min read

Zameer Fouzan

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