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Neue Möglichkeiten für Ihre Engineers mit einem datengestützten Ansatz

Plan, build, deploy, and run better software with a data-driven approach, leading to direct benefits for your products, teams, and bottom line.

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Ron Crocker

Network Performance Monitoring: Ab sofort verfügbar für New Relic One

New Relic’s Network Performance Monitoring allows you to analyze network data alongside your other observability data for a holistic understanding of your system performance, eli

3 Minuten Lesedauer

John Withers

New Relic lanciert weltweit erste HIPAA-konforme Observability-Plattform

Unlike other monitoring tools that only offer log management, New Relic empowers engineers with all of their telemetry data. Protect patient data with HIPAA-compliant accounts.

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John Withers

Diana Barnes-Brown

5 Gründe, warum Start-ups mit AWS Activate New Relic nutzen sollten

Whether you’re on day 0 or day 300, here are five things all AWS Activate startup founders and engineers should do to build and scale their ideas. Get exclusive discounts and cre

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John Kinmonth

Pixie ist nun als Komponente von New Relic One verfügbar

Get instant code-level visibility without code changes or redeploying. Auto-telemetry with Pixie is now GA, and you can get started with videos that walk through deploying, monitor

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John Withers

FutureStack 2021: Die spannendsten Observability-Ankündigungen im Überblick

Learn about our product announcements from FutureStack 2021, the observability event of the year.

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Bill Staples

Kubernetes: Worum geht es dabei eigentlich? Warum ist es in aller Munde? Die Container-Orc…

Im Kontext moderner Software-Lösungen kommt es zu Deployments tausender Container-Instanzen. Tagtäglich. Es entsteht folgerichtig enorme Komplexität. Wie lässt sich diese über

10 Minuten Lesedauer

John Withers

Alle Logs komplett zentral verfügbar – mit Kontext und ganz ohne Suchaufwand oder Budg…

Learn about the latest log management innovations available today, including the ability to detect patterns and outliers in log data, intuitive analytics, and more.

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Elyssa Christensen

10 zentrale Funktionen von New Relic APM

10 zentrale Funktionen von New Relic APM

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New Relic

Get full access to New Relic One for free

Monitor your stack for free with full platform access and 100GB of ingest per month. No credit card required.