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4 New Relic customers on application performance monitoring

DAZN, Sportradar, William Hill, and IGS share how they use New Relic and observability to monitor their applications.

5 min read

Delia Behr

How to use change tracking to measure performance velocity

… Observability, DevOps/SRE, IaC, IoT and Open Source. He is passionate about all things … and use the next images for reference: Open to your API Keys in New Relic .  …

14 min read

Tirslen Pather

Introducing New Relic APM 360

Learn how to prevent issues with daily insights from a unified view of telemetry across the stack and all development stages.

8 min read

Lavanya Chockalingam

How to monitor a .NET Core application with New Relic

Learn how to monitor a .NET Core application with New Relic and troubleshoot your app’s performance with a curated quickstart and observability tools.

15 min read

Remy Kullberg

New infrastructure monitoring integrated with APM eliminates screen swivel and peak billin…

New Relic now enables engineers to correlate their performance across infrastructure, APM, and the rest of their stack, at up to a third of the cost of Datadog.

7 min read

Karl Henrik Smith

John Withers

How to simplify your troubleshooting with logs in context

Learn about logs in context and how to simplify troubleshooting. Discover benefits of contextual logging and tips for implementing logs in context.

7 min read

Amy Reinholds

View logs in context of APM data without any manual configuration

New Relic offers APM logging with no manual configuration. Access application logs in the context of APM metrics to efficiently troubleshoot performance issues.

5 min read

Yoram Mireles

Deploy quickly and confidently with CI/CD and automated change tracking

Integrate CI/CD pipelines with your observability tools for visibility across your stack and context around your deployments and changes.

4 min read

Dan Holloran

Monitoring service uptime with Statuspage and New Relic

Learn how to use a synthetic API script to monitor Statuspage uptime in New Relic and include Statuspage metrics in your logs.

7 min read

Peter Nguyen

Resolve issues quickly with traces in logs and errors inbox

Learn how distributed traces are surfaced in your errors inbox, APM errors, and logs so you can improve how you monitor and troubleshoot your applications.

3 min read

Dayna Lord

Emma Beaton

How to import Google Cloud logs without an agent

Learn how to forward Google Cloud Platform logs to New Relic without deploying any APM or log forwarding agent.

8 min read

Zameer Fouzan

Make observability simple with platform engineering

Learn what platform engineering is, why it's important, and why platform engineers need to implement observability.

6 min read

Sunna Vincent

A quick guide to getting started with New Relic

In this introductory guide and UI walkthrough, learn the basics of using New Relic to monitor, debug, and improve your stack, to ship the best software possible.

4 min read

Jemiah Sius

Troubleshoot your business-critical transactions quickly with New Relic

… and fix it to avoid losing more customers.  The team starts by identifying …

8 min read

Aidan Cuffe

Lavanya Chockalingam

The only full-stack change tracking solution, now generally available

… at New Relic. He brought 7 years of content marketing experience, 4 of them in the DevOps space, primarily … on average cause ~$300K in revenue loss per hour, so organization

8 min read

Dan Holloran

New Relic Vulnerability Management now generally available

Improve application security with New Relic Vulnerability Management using composition analysis, vulnerability assessment, and an open ecosystem—no additional configuration neede

5 min read

Yoram Mireles

APM vs. observability

… how large or complex it is. It helps DevOps teams navigate the challenges of …

5 min read

Amy Reinholds

What is APM?

… manages the technical content team at New Relic. Prior to joining New Relic, he was … more likely to move on to a competitor. One study suggests that 12% of users would …

6 min read

Franz Knupfer

Top 3 reasons to upgrade your APM agent

Here's why you should keep your APM agent up to date. Learn best practices to help ensure you always have the latest version.

4 min read

Lavanya Chockalingam

New Relic usage-based pricing

Learn how the New Relic observability platform delivers usage-based pricing that provides more value for money than host-based pricing.

7 min read

Manav Khurana

Alicia Basteri

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