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New Relic consumption pricing: Get more value for your money

Learn how the New Relic One observability platform delivers consumption pricing that provides more value for money than host-based pricing.

8 min read

Manav Khurana

Lessons When Starting Out with New Relic APM

Learn why leading organizations rely on application performance monitoring to ensure stability and performance of software for end users.

6 min read

Jeremy Castile

10 Tips for Mastering Application Performance Monitoring with New Relic

In this guide, you'll learn how you can build up your application performance monitoring skills with New Relic's Full-Stack Observability.

5 min read

Jeremy Castile

Answers to Your Five Biggest Questions About Troubleshooting New Relic APM

From network issues to charts not loading, our Support team fields some of the most common questions about optimizing New Relic APM.

11 min read

Ryan Veitch

Climate Corporation Helps Farmers Around the World Improve Crop Production with AWS and Ne…

Learn how AWS and the New Relic APM observability platform enable Climate Corporation to help farmers improve crop production.

6 min read

Scott Pigeon

How To Deploy The New Relic Java APM Agent With Ansible

With New Relic’s Ansible role, you can automate the deployment of New Relic Java agents across all your application hosts

5 min read

Rishi Mukhopadhyay

How to Measure Performance Metrics in React Native Apps

Get a walkthrough on measuring component load time (in addition to other basic performance metrics) in a React Native app using custom instrumentation.

10 min read

Michael Tsou

Announcing New Relic Support for W3C Trace Context: Now Available in New Relic APM

The W3C Trace Context specification has reached “recommendation” status, and New Relic is supporting the standard immediately.

9 min read

Jodee Varney

Respond to Errors and Incidents Faster With Real-Time Streaming for APM Events

With real-time streaming, APM event data is sent to New Relic every five seconds—roughly 12 times faster than before.

3 min read

Jeremy Castile

Best Practices for Getting Started With New Relic Alert Conditions

Whether your team is setting up New Relic Alerts for the first time, or you already use Alerts and want to hone your best practices, we have you covered.

4 min read

Eric Mittelhammer

New Relic Mobile Apps Now Monitor Ruby, Node.js, JVM, Elixir, and Go Applications

Diagnose Ruby, Node.js, JVM, Elixir, and Go app issues right on your mobile device, and share NRQL queries from your phone more easily.

4 min read

Gillian Wildfire

The Importance of Broadening APM to Monitor Business Performance

We believe new Gartner research makes it clear: to get the most from APM, monitor business metrics as well as software and infrastructure performance.

8 min read

Rob Peterson

6 Things New Relic Believes About Modern Monitoring

What’s really important in the world of application performance management, and how New Relic addresses them.

8 min read

Henry Shapiro

Getting Started with New Relic APM: Best Practices That Set You up for Success

Set up your team for success using New Relic APM with this set of proven and field-tested best practices.

8 min read

New Relic Community Team

Using New Relic to Identify and Manage Application Dependencies [Video]

Migrating to the cloud? We walk you through how New Relic makes it simpler and easier to manage application dependencies and infrastructure inventory within a cloud-migration proje

5 min read

Rose Randall

‘Getting Started With New Relic APM’—And More Free NRU Videos

Watch this informative video, and don’t miss our slate of upcoming live New Relic training webcasts on troubleshooting, IT ops, New Relic Insights, and more.

4 min read

Silviu Angelescu

10 Key Capabilities of New Relic APM

10 specific New Relic APM features that make the application performance monitoring tool of choice for modern software teams.

6 min read

Ravi Tharisayi

New Relic APM Now Supports Node 8

With Version 2.3.0 of the New Relic Node.js agent, our support for the async/await keywords with Node 8 is now enabled by default.

6 min read

Shreyans Parekh

Tips on Using the New Relic APM Thread Profiler

New Relic’s thread profiler gives you X-ray vision into your code, allowing you to see inside uninstrumented, black-box transactions.

5 min read

Phil Weber

Up and Running With the <br>New Relic APM Go Agent

A hands-on overview of the New Relic APM Go agent and a deep dive into some of its coolest features, including transactions, segments, and attributes.

9 min read

Erika Arnold

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