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Boost conversions and SEO with website performance monitoring

Simplify monitoring your website's speed and reliability to boost SEO and customer conversion, using our free tool. No complex engineering setup needed.

5 min read

Andy Ramirez

Meet New Relic Grok, the first GenAI assistant for observability

Meet the first generative AI assistant for observability, New Relic Grok.

3 min read

Camden Swita

Data Plus pricing: Affordable observability at scale

Introducing Data Plus for affordable, at-scale query performance with extended retention, logs obfuscation, and more included at $0.50/GB of ingest.

6 min read

Karl Henrik Smith

John Kinmonth

New Relic launches support for Amazon Linux 2023

Monitor APM and infrastructure performance on Amazon Linux 2023 with New Relic.

3 min read

Kevin Downs

The only full-stack change tracking solution, now generally available

CI/CD best practices rely on the tracking of deployment success, failure, and performance. Learn how deployment and change tracking enhances CI/CD.

8 min read

Dan Holloran

Build dynamic dashboards with template variables

Learn how to create dynamic dashboards, easy to digest and filter for everyone who needs to view the data.

4 min read

Jason Ng

How to monitor CDN performance with New Relic quickstarts

Learn about our partner quickstarts integrations that make it easy to monitor your CDN performance with Akamai, Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, and Fastly

10 min read

Abhi Pandey

Anna Alfano

Explore new customization options for New Relic dashboards

… different time ranges on the same dashboard. Use Markdown to add custom … your custom dashboards with the latest dashboard options. You’ll also get a sample dashboard JSON

7 min read

Louis Leung

Five key findings from the 2022 Observability Forecast report

Learn what technology professionals have to say about the state and future of observability.

6 min read

Peter Pezaris

Be more secure with New Relic vulnerability management

Make your applications more secure with a free 90-day preview of New Relic vulnerability management. No additional configuration needed.

4 min read

Yoram Mireles

Quickly address OTT streaming issues by monitoring with our Roku agent

Observe and improve the accessibility, connectivity, and quality of your Roku streaming applications.

3 min read

Jason Ng

Use domain capture to group your engineers in one New Relic organization

Domain capture automatically connects new users with their company’s existing New Relic accounts for more efficient access to data.

3 min read

Jason Ng

Announcing the winners of the New Relic Impact Fund

Learn about nonprofits awarded funding for technology projects, furthering the New Relic mission to expand equitable access to technology.

5 min read

Erin Dieterich

New Relic announces support for Amazon VPC Flow Logs via Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose

Send Amazon VPC Flow Logs via Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to reduce Amazon CloudWatch-related costs, and explore and navigate flow logs across your technology estate.

6 min read

Josh Biggley

Longer query durations with Data Plus

Learn how Data Plus users can use more powerful and longer-running queries via NerdGraph to analyze large volumes of data at a cheaper price point.

3 min read

Emory Zhao

Derek Roller

How Hex Technologies ships fast and scales an effective engineering team

Learn about Hex Technologies founders and how they debug faster, build, and scale an effective engineering team with New Relic for Startups.

7 min read

Dayna Lord

New Relic named an APM and observability leader in 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for 10th ye…

Gartner named New Relic a leader in 2022 APM and Observability Magic Quadrant for 10th time in a row.

2 min read

Alan Baptista

Congratulations to the 2022 O11y Award winners

Learn about the New Relic customers recognized this year for innovation, impact, leadership, and excellence in observability.

4 min read

Jemiah Sius

FutureStack 2022: Recapping our latest announcements

… in your public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure . Network performance … compliance, enhanced data exports, cloud provider choice, and more. … with Azure accelerates enterprise cloud migrati

19 min read

Anna Alfano

Focusing on engineers and their success

New Relic has evolved, and our new brand has too. A new look and feel, voice and tone, tagline, logo, and website reflect our focus on software engineers.

3 min read

Greg Perotto

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