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Browser monitoring, refreshed

Learn about the latest updates to our browser monitoring options that include Google’s core web vitals, ability to view user traffic across devices and more.

3 min read

Aditi Phadke

Create a MongoDB performance dashboard

Learn how to quickly create a detailed performance dashboard to monitor and understand your MongoDB clusters. With the MongoDB quickstart in New Relic Instant Observability, you ca

6 min read

Aaron Bassett

How to visualize cloud security data in Lacework

Learn how to understand the security of any application with the Lacework quickstart, a pre-built dashboard and alert configs, easily installed in one click.

6 min read

Lauren Lee

Tracking your videos and ads with New Relic

This tutorial explains how to install New Relic’s open-source video tracking solution.

5 min read

Chris McCarthy

How to optimize build times for Gatsby apps

Learn how to use telemetry data to optimize build times for Gatsby websites. This blog shares best practices for measuring and analyzing performance.

7 min read

Daniel Kim

How to measure Jamstack application performance

This blog post walks through how to measure performance for a Jamstack application. You learn how to set up an application on Netlify, how to measure your application traffic, and

10 min read

Chris Sean

How to Diagnose Load Times on Your Site

Learn how to use New Relic to monitor and analyze Google Core Web Vitals and build your own custom histograms and heatmaps in just a few minutes.

9 min read

Liam Hurrell

New Relic usage-based pricing

… as SVP, Product GM and implemented the company’s usage-based business model. … and Computer Engineering degree from the University of Rochester and a Masters … from Santa Clara University

7 min read

Manav Khurana

Do More Faster and Easier with New Relic One Dashboard Enhancements

New capabilities and enhancements in New Relic One dashboards include more visualization options, faster analysis, and easier workflows.

3 min read

Sebastian Galiano Molina

New Relic and Formidable team up to make custom visualizations even easier

Adding custom charts into your New Relic One dashboards just got way faster! Work with pre-built custom charts from the Formidable charting library Victory.

4 min read

Aaron Watts

Nerdlog Roundup: New Relic Errors Inbox and Student Edition

In this Nerdlog roundup, get a quick recap of two FutureStack announcements: New Relic Errors Inbox and New Relic Student Edition.

2 min read

Dayna Lord

Nerdlog Roundup: Our Browser Monitoring Agent Is Open Source

Now you can fork and pull request code for our New Relic Browser Monitoring agent, which provides real user monitoring (RUM) capabilities.

2 min read

Dayna Lord

If Your Business Relies on Mobile, You Need Distributed Tracing

Mobile distributed tracing in New Relic One can help you discover which backend services are impacting the customer experience.

4 min read

Scott Sugimoto

Better Synthetic Monitoring: No Code Required

As useful as synthetic monitors are, they can be tedious to set up. Here are 3 improvements that make the synthetic experience as easy to set up and deploy as possible.

8 min read

Scott Sugimoto

Nerdlog Roundup: Test Website Experiences with New Relic Synthetics Step Builder

New Relic Synthetics Step Builder automates end-to-end testing in multiple geographic regions.

5 min read

Nočnica Fee

Google’s core web vitals & W3C trace context

Check out some improvements to our Browser agent and Real User Monitoring (RUM) capabilities around W3C Trace Context and Cumulative Layout Shift.

5 min read

Mat Ball

Monitoring Needs to Grow Up [Infographic]

Monitoring Needs to Grow Up

1 min read

New Relic

Roundup: Recent Improvements to Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions

Learn some recent updates that focus on new ways to handle your user data, endpoint monitoring, mobile applications, and more.

4 min read

Mat Ball

How to Monitor Roku Quality of Experience with New Relic

Our open source Roku agent captures system events to help you understand and improve viewer quality of experience for the popular streaming platform.

6 min read

Andreu Santarén

View Results from All Synthetic Monitors in New Relic One

So reliability teams can detect and fix problems quickly, we’re excited to announce that results from all monitor types are now found in the New Relic One.

4 min read

Mat Ball

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