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Get video experience observability with New Relic and Mux

Get full visibility into your video delivery ecosystem to quickly resolve performance issues, so you can drive user experience, engagement, and revenue.

1 min read

Chris McCarthy

Steve Lyons

Unlock the power of observability for marketing leaders

Connect business and software performance data in New Relic to make high-impact decisions about your website, marketing campaigns, and more.

1 min read

Andy Ramirez

Louis Leung

16 key metrics you need to be tracking in your Magento website

Monitor your Magento website with New Relic and track these key ecommerce metrics to better understand your performance, efficiency, and growth.

6 min read

Rahul Basu

Boost conversions and SEO with website performance monitoring

Simplify monitoring your website's speed and reliability to boost SEO and customer conversion, using our free tool. No complex engineering setup needed.

5 min read

Andy Ramirez

What e-marketplace Thortful does to get ready for Valentine’s Day

Thortful CTO and co-founder, Eric Genet, discusses his tips on getting ready for peak days, including monitoring key metrics for customer experience and automating alerts.

5 min read

Eric Genet

What is real user monitoring (RUM)?

Learn why real user monitoring is important to track and measure the end user experience in your applications to understand how your users interact with your website.

6 min read

Franz Knupfer

E-commerce guide for Black Friday: Are your sites and apps ready?

Learn best practices to make sure your company doesn’t leave money on the table on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or whatever your biggest e-commerce days may be.

12 min read

James Buchanan

Use domain capture to group your engineers in one New Relic organization

Domain capture automatically connects new users with their company’s existing New Relic accounts for more efficient access to data.

3 min read

Jason Ng

Passionate about UX? Pay attention to web performance metrics

Learn why measuring the user experience of web application performance takes you beyond application health—and results in happy users.

1 min read

Kim Hickey

CodeStream joins New Relic, delivering observability for every developer

CodeStream, a leading developer collaboration platform, is now a part of the New Relic family, to collaborate and debug issues right from your IDE.

3 min read

Bill Staples

Peter Pezaris

Synthetic vs. Real-User Monitoring: How to Improve Your Customer Experience

Learn how synthetic and real-user monitoring offer two distinct approaches for improving the performance of your website and apps.

8 min read

Mat Ball

How to Improve Your Largest Contentful Paint for Intermediate and Expert Developers

Largest contentful paint (LCP) has become a hot topic lately. What is it, how to improve it and how it relates to your customer experience.

8 min read

Martin Kuba

Getting Started With New Relic Browser: Best Practices That Set You Up for Success

Set up your team for success using New Relic Browser with this set of best practices—all based on the New Relic Community Team's work with thousands of customers.

7 min read

New Relic Community Team

APM Is Not Enough: Don’t Forget Frontend Monitoring

New Relic APM has your back, but frontend monitoring with New Relic Browser is also essential to optimizing the digital customer experience.

4 min read

Mat Ball

WordPress performance optimization

In this guest post. Frederick Townes explains how to optimize WordPress performance.

10 min read

竹澤 拡子

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