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Instrumenting serverless in AWS

Gain a deeper understanding of serverless computing and the tools to set up serverless instrumentation for AWS quickly.

11 min read

Tirslen Pather

How to import Google Cloud logs without an agent

Learn how to forward Google Cloud Platform logs to New Relic without deploying any APM or log forwarding agent.

8 min read

Zameer Fouzan

Lambda performance optimization

Looking to optimize Lambda performance and streamline your process? Here’s some best practices to get you started.

5 min read

Michelle Scharlock

How Veygo uses serverless to improve customer experience

Learn how short-term car insurance scaleup Veygo is building four metrics to optimize IT resources and real-time customer data.

5 min read

Mark Sainty

2021’s top blogs: Kubernetes, AWS Lambda, and more

Check out some of our most popular blogs of the year and learn about Jamstack, OpenTelemetry, Kubernetes, AWS Lambda, and eBPF.

3 min read

Franz Knupfer

Monitoring your AWS Lambda functions inside and out

Monitoring your AWS Lambda functions … then data generated by robots is synthetic. Using New Relic One’s synthetic monitors, you can script tests …

9 min read

Aaron Bassett

Under the hood of New Relic’s Lambda Extension

Learn how New Relic’s Serverless dev team integrated with AWS Lambda Extensions to reduce costs and latency.

6 min read

Matt Whelan

New Relic Achieves AWS Lambda Ready Designation to Help Developers Function Faster on Serv…

Learn about the new distinction recognizing that New Relic Serverless has demonstrated successful integration with AWS Lambda.

3 min read

John Kinmonth

New Relic's AWS Lambda layer

New Relic customers now have new options to monitor, visualize, and troubleshoot AWS Lambda functions—without requiring a code change.

4 min read

Andrew Tunall

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