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Why Your Cloud Spend Is Too Damn High

The two key questions that force companies to over-provision their cloud capacity—and how New Relic can help optimize your cloud spend.

6 min read

Toby Knight

Introducing New Relic Monitoring for AWS Lambda

New Relic monitoring for AWS Lambda is instrumentation and data collection tooling that allows you to monitor, visualize, troubleshoot, and alert on your AWS Lambda functions in Ne

11 min read

Andrew Tunall

Introducing the New Relic Guide to Optimizing Your Cloud Native Environment

The New Relic Guide to optimizing your cloud native environment provides nine hands-on tutorials showcasing cloud native best practices.

7 min read

Alexis Jones

The Modern Software Podcast: All About Microservices

Everything you always wanted to know about microservices, with VoxGig CEO and “Tao of Microservices” author Richard Rodger and New Relic’s Sean Carpenter.

23 min read

Fredric Paul

How to Run an Adversarial Game Day

Adversarial game days help New Relic apply chaos engineering to our reliability best practices—here’s how they work.

9 min read

Terri Haber

Edge Computing vs. Cloud Computing: Which One Is Right for Your Application?

A look at the differences between cloud computing and edge computing, the edge’s advantages and challenges, and 7 best practices for success on the edge.

10 min read

Lee Atchison

New Forrester Total Economic Impact Report Shows 2.2x Return on Installing New Relic

TEI studies help companies demonstrate, justify, and realize the tangible value of leveraging tools like the New Relic platform.

7 min read

Dina Milazzo

What It Takes to Monitor Serverless Applications in AWS Lambda

Serverless technologies like AWS Lambda are making building software easier than ever, but monitoring it has never been harder. New Relic Lambda monitoring can help—now in privat

7 min read

Andrew Tunall

Introducing the New Relic Cloud Adoption Solution for AWS

The New Relic Cloud Adoption Solution for AWS combines technology, process, and people to help ensure cloud migration success.

8 min read

Arnie (Anirudhya) Dasgupta

Tips and Practical Guidance for Getting Started with AWS Lambda

We've gathered some hands-on tips and practical advice for getting up to speed with AWS Lambda, including behavior and cost considerations.

9 min read

Sean Winters

Microservice Architectures: What They Are and Why You Should Use Them

A microservices architecture lets your application grow as your company and its requirements grow.

12 min read

Lee Atchison

20 Best Practices for Working With Apache Kafka at Scale

Kafka is popular because it simplifies working with data streams. But Kafka gets complex at scale. These best practices can help simplify that complexity.

10 min read

Tony Mancill

Introducing the New Relic Guide to Planning Your Cloud Adoption

The New Relic Guide to Planning Your Cloud Adoption Strategy provides 10 hands-on tutorials that walk you through planning, migrating, and optimizing your cloud adoption.

8 min read

Kevin Downs

What Is Container Orchestration?

Provisioning, scheduling, and managing containers at scale—here are the hows and whys of container orchestration.

12 min read

Isaac Eldridge

Distributed Monolith vs. Microservices Architecture: 4 Ways New Relic Can Tell You Which I…

How do you know if you’ve truly built a microservices architecture or just a distributed monolith? Here are four ways New Relic can help you tell one from the other

7 min read

Chris McCarthy

Docker vs. Kubernetes: It’s Not About One or the Other

As software teams embrace containers as a means of packaging and deploying their applications, they also need to be able to manage them at scale. We explain how Docker and Kubernet

12 min read

Clay Smith

10 Essential Cloud Migration Insights

New Relic experts weigh in with 10 essentials to enterprise cloud migration, and how to use monitoring to ensure success.

8 min read

Fredric Paul

Introducing New Relic’s New EMEA Headquarters: Doubling Down on Dublin!

Our love for Dublin is stronger than ever, but as our team continues to grow, so should our office space. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the opening of our new Dublin

8 min read

Glenn Cahill

How to Calculate the Cost of a Cloud Migration

For far too many businesses, the time and costs to migrate to the cloud are largely unknown and often grossly understated. This primer can help you estimate and budget for these co

5 min read

Rob Peterson

The Best Tools for Cloud Infrastructure Automation

When planning a cloud migration, it’s critical to automate and configure your cloud infrastructure. These are some of the best tools for cloud infrastructure automation.

9 min read

Fredric Paul

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