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Get video experience observability with New Relic and Mux

… Customer Experience Sep 14, 2023 … Get video experience observability …

1 min read

Chris McCarthy

Steve Lyons

16 key metrics you need to be tracking in your Magento website

Monitor your Magento website with New Relic and track these key ecommerce metrics to better understand your performance, efficiency, and growth.

6 min read

Rahul Basu

Boost UX: monitor Flutter mobile apps efficiently

Improve your customer experience with real time insights of your Mobile applications build on Flutter

7 min read

Siddhartha Khare

Nisarg Desai

Monitor hybrid mobile apps in minutes with quickstart installations

Learn how to install New Relic and get the most out of mobile monitoring for your hybrid applications.

5 min read

Jodi 'JBJ' Kansagor

New Relic now monitors Microsoft Azure Linux container host for AKS

Stay on top of AKS cluster health with New Relic support for the Azure Linux container host.

3 min read

Anna Alfano

How to monitor a .NET Core application with New Relic

Learn how to monitor a .NET Core application with New Relic and troubleshoot your app’s performance with a curated quickstart and observability tools.

15 min read

Remy Kullberg

Solving slow downs in FastAPI apps with New Relic

Learn about common performance issues in FastAPI applications, and how New Relic can help you solve them.

13 min read

Sadé C. Johnson

Analyze Amazon Security Lake logs for a complete understanding of security

Learn how the integration with Amazon Security Lake logs sends data from multiple AWS regions and accounts to New Relic.

4 min read

Joseph Counts

New Relic now supports AWS Systems Manager Distributor

Learn about how New Relic now provides support for AWS Systems Manager Distributor.

4 min read

Kiran Hew

Mobile app monitoring in minutes with observability-driven dashboards

Learn how to use New Relic instant observability dashboards for monitoring mobile apps.

4 min read

Siddhartha Khare

Optimize infrastructure automation with Ansible Automation Controller

Monitor your Red Hat Ansible Automation Controller with New Relic and gain visibility into the performance of your infrastructure automation processes.

10 min read

Mehreen Tahir

How to obfuscate logs using Fluent Bit in New Relic

Learn how to troubleshoot issues while ensuring confidentiality and data integrity by obfuscating PII and other sensitive data in logs.

10 min read

Steve Ng

Deploy quickly and confidently with CI/CD and automated change tracking

Integrate CI/CD pipelines with your observability tools for visibility across your stack and context around your deployments and changes.

4 min read

Dan Holloran

Automate observability: Tags as code and workloads as code

In the final part of our observability as code series, learn how to automate configuring tags and workloads using New Relic and Terraform.

7 min read

Steve Ng

Automate observability: Alerts as code and synthetic monitoring as code

Automate the configuration of your observability tools. Learn examples for alerts as code and synthetic monitoring as code using New Relic and Terraform.

13 min read

Steve Ng

Get faster and more secure software delivery with JFrog and New Relic

Monitor JFrog applications, artifacts, dependencies, and vulnerabilities in New Relic. Get actionable log insights to boost release velocity and quality.

7 min read

Louis Leung

Kristian Taernhed

Automate your configuration with observability as code

Automate the configuration of your observability tools. This guide provides tips, examples, and guidance using New Relic and Hashicorp's Terraform.

13 min read

Steve Ng

Optimize your development lifecycle with code-level metrics in CodeStream

Unify observability for your development workflows and get more visibility into your apps with code-level metrics, right where you work—in the IDE.

6 min read

David Hersh

Uma Annamalai

How to import Google Cloud logs without an agent

Learn how to forward Google Cloud Platform logs to New Relic without deploying any APM or log forwarding agent.

8 min read

Zameer Fouzan

The Azure Native New Relic Service is now generally available

With New Relic hosted in Microsoft Azure, store your telemetry data in Azure, onboard rapidly, and retire Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) spend.

5 min read

Kevin Downs

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