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How To: Make the Android DrawerLayout Widget More Responsive

Improve your Android users’ experience with these tips for making the DrawerLayout widget more responsive.

4 min read

Larry Wegener

Improved WCF Monitoring for your Enterprise

Our latest release of the .Net agent includes improved monitoring for WCF services.

8 min read

Bob Uva

Android Runtime Performance Analysis Using New Relic: ART vs. Dalvik

ART vs. Dalvik: Understanding performance improvements in Android’s latest Runtime, ART and its existing Runtime, Dalvik

5 min read

Jason Snell

Turning Mac Minis into Agile Mac OS X ESXI Hosts: Getting to Bare Metal

Our resident Mac wizard's guide to turning current-gen Mac Minis into ESXI vSphere hosts.

8 min read

Vanessa White

DevOps Best Practices: Finding the Right Tools

Selecting the right DevOps tools for your organization requires both strategic vision and laser focus. Here’s what to look for!

5 min read

Eric Wilinski

The Right Way to Swizzle in Objective-C

There are many different reasons one might want to use swizzling - the act of changing the functionality of a method by replacing the implementation of that method with another, us

6 min read

Bryce Buchanan

Kanban for Ops Teams

A look at how the New Relic Ops team manages their workflow with Kanban to balance interruptive and planned work.

11 min read

Karl Matthias

Simpler UI Testing With CasperJS

User testing is an important aspect of the development process. In this article, I’ll go through the basics of using CasperJS.

11 min read

Matthew Setter

Simple JavaScript Testing with QUnit

As the complexity of JavaScript grows, it's become obvious that it needs proper unit tests. QUnit is the first in a series on JavaScript testing.

10 min read

New Relic

Debugging Stuck Ruby Processes—What to do Before You Kill -9

Here are the steps I follow when debugging a stuck Ruby process.

8 min read

Ben Weintraub

10 Signs Your IT Department Needs an Identity and Access Management System

This is a guest post by Elias Terman, VP of Product Marketing at OneLogin, examines the role Identity & access management (IAM) plays within organizations.

2 min read

Leigh Shevchik

Who Needs MySQL When There Is IndexedDB?

Who Needs MySQL When There Is IndexedDB?

8 min read

Leigh Shevchik

Long-Running Branches Considered Harmful

Long-Running Branches Considered Harmful

7 min read

Jade Rubick

New Relic Completes SOC 2 Audit: Safe and Secure as Always

New Relic Completes SOC 2 Audit: Safe and Secure as Always

4 min read

Shaun Gordon

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